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homemade slime recipe

3 Homemade Slime Recipes: How To Make DIY No Glue Slime

There's nothing more disgustingly wonderful than children playing with no-glue slime. These three homemade slime recipes will make the little ones' eyes light up. Read more

eco mode dishwasher

Why Eco-Mode Dishwasher Programs Take Longer

Everyday household appliances like dishwashers are becoming increasingly energy efficient. Learn how eco-mode on your dishwasher works and why it is better for the environment. Read more

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Here Are 4 Netflix Alternatives You Haven’t Seen Yet

Netflix will soon be adding commercial breaks to its platform, so you may be looking for an alternative video streaming site. We'll give you four free Netflix alternatives. Read more

biggest dishwasher mistakes

These Are the 8 Biggest Dishwasher Mistakes

Some of the biggest dishwasher mistakes are easily avoidable. In this guide, we'll show you the best ways to use your dishwasher so you can be kinder to the planet. Read more

shoudn't dispose of in paper trash

5 Things You Shouldn’t Dispose Of In Paper Trash

Not all paper is recyclable, so it's important to learn which products you shouldn't dispose of in paper trash. Create a green routine using the following tips. Read more

how to wash a duvet

How to Wash a Duvet — An Eco-Friendly Step-by-Step

Cleaning your duvet is a necessary hassle. Here are step-by-step instructions for how to wash a duvet in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. Read more

What are compost toilets

What Are Compost Toilets and How do They Work?

Compost toilets are dry toilets that turn human waste into compost and minimize water use. We'll take a look at the different types of compost toilets available and how they work. Read more

aluminum foil in oven

Can You Put Aluminum Foil in Oven & More Sustainable Alternatives

Although you technically can use aluminum foil in the oven, there are more sustainable options that reduce waste and consider the environment. Read more