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pineapple peel

Pineapple Peel: Why You Shouldn’t Throw Them Away

Are all those leftover pineapple peels filling up your compost too quickly? Instead of tossing them, put your pineapple peels to use with some unique recipes. Read more

organic cotton duvet cover

Organic Cotton Duvet Covers: 5 Comfortable and Sustainable Brands

There are many benefits to organic cotton duvet covers. We'll explain why they are more sustainable, as well as brands that you can buy from. Read more

What Is Pandan

What Is Pandan? Benefits, Culinary Uses and Sustainability

You may have seen it in Asian grocery stores or on Thai dessert menus, but what is pandan? Read on to explore the benefits and uses of this fragrant tropical leaf. Read more

is fabric softener bad

Is Fabric Softener Bad for the Environment?

If you don't know which ingredients are in it exactly, you might be wondering whether fabric softener is bad for you — or the environment. Here is everything you need to know. Read more

Homemade wood floor cleaners.

8 Homemade Wood Floor Cleaners and How To Make Them

You don’t need to buy harsh chemical cleaners to clean wood floors without damaging them. These simple homemade wood floor cleaners work just as well. Read more

selling dvds

Selling DVDs: Here’s How You Can Get Rid of Them

Don't know where to start when it comes to selling DVDs? Luckily, your old collections can be purchased by some online marketplaces. We'll fill you in on where you can sell them so that you can make a few bucks while also helping the environment. Read more

How to keep spiders out of your house.

How to Keep Spiders Out of House Without the Harmful Chemicals

Wondering how to keep spiders out of the house? If you're not a fan of these eight-legged creatures, skip the chemicals and get rid of them naturally. Read more

How to remove ink stain

How to Remove an Ink Stain Naturally

Find out how to remove ink stains from clothes without exposing yourself or your fabrics to harmful and toxic agents. You might already have the solution at home. Read more