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no-bake dog treats

5 Healthy No-Bake Dog Treat Recipes Your Dog Will Love

No-bake dog treats are great for the pooch(es) in your life, and environmentally friendly too. Here are 5 healthy no-bake dog treat recipes your dog will love. Read more

ponytail palm care

How to Care for the Ponytail Palm (Easy Houseplant)

The ponytail palm has become a much-loved houseplant by many, and it is important to take good care of it. We've compiled the best ponytail palm care tips for you below. Read more

how to clean silicone

How to Clean Silicone With Only Natural Ingredients

Want to know how to clean silicone naturally? We've got all the background, tools and tips you'll need. And, it can be done easily with ingredients you can find in your cupboard. Read more

How to get ants out of the house quickly

How to Get Ants Out of the House Quickly: 5 Eco-Friendly Fixes

Learning how to get ants out of your house using eco-friendly and cruelty-free fixes will rid your home of these pesky insects, without using chemicals with unclear effects on health and ecosystem, or killing the ants. Read more

best solar power bank

8 Best Solar Power Banks for 2022

We’ve rounded up a list of the eight best solar power banks available to purchase in 2022. These are perfect if you want a sustainable charging option on the go. Read more

How to Clean Inside of Dishwasher

How to Clean the Inside of a Dishwasher the Eco-Friendly Way

Leave out the chemicals when cleaning the inside of your dishwasher and opt for these environmentally friendly alternatives instead. Here we have some handy tips. Read more

How to decrease humidity in house

How to Decrease the Humidity in Your House: 6 Methods

Sometimes the air in our homes can become too humid, making the air sticky and uncomfortable. Learn how to decrease the humidity in any house with these six natural methods. Read more

How to increase humidity in a room

How to Increase the Humidity in Your Room: 6 Methods

A lack of humidity in your room and home can have negative impacts on overall health. Learn how to increase the humidity in your home naturally. Read more