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How to clean bath toys.

How to Clean Bath Toys: 2 Eco-Friendly Methods

Bath toys can gather mold and collect germs floating around in bathwater. To keep your toys clean and your kids healthy, learn how to clean bath toys properly. Read more

how to dry gourds

How to Dry Gourds in 3 Steps and Which Gourds to Use

Gourds come in all shapes and sizes and have been grown, eaten, and dried for various uses over hundreds of years – learn how to dry gourds here! Read more

geodesic dome house

Geodesic Dome House: What Is It — And What For?

Geodesic dome houses are not an entirely new concept, but have yet to become a construction norm despite their many benefits. Keep reading to learn more. Read more

Overwatered hydrangea

Overwatered Hydrangea: Telltale Signs & Easy Solutions

These beautiful bushes feel at home in moist soil, but overwatered hydrangeas can quickly take a turn for the worse. Learn how to identify and fix the problem. Read more

ash good for plants

Ash Good for Plants: Should You Use Ash In Your Garden?

Is ash good for plants? We'll discuss the benefits and drawbacks so you can decide if that fireplace waste is better suited in the garden or the trash bin. Read more

growing and harvesting spinach

Growing and Harvesting Spinach: A Complete Guide

Growing spinach is easy. This guide will explain how to plant spinach, when the best time for harvesting spinach is and a few tips on how to use it! Read more

Concorde barberry

Concorde Barberry: Planting Tips for the Non-Invasive Barberry

Looking for an eye-catching shrub that won't get out of hand? We'll explain what makes the Concorde Barberry non-invasive and why you might want it in your garden. Read more

beet dye

2-Ingredient Natural Homemade Beet Dye

Beets are known for their deep red color, and their ability to stain. Make good use of that strong color by learning how to make homemade beet dye! Read more