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Plastic wrap alternative

The 9 Best Plastic Wrap Alternatives

Plastic wraps are practical. They keep your food fresh and are usually pretty cheap. But when you equate it to a possible 450 year decomposition time, isn't it worth looking for a plastic wrap alternative? Read more

homemade stain remover

DIY: Easy Homemade Stain Remover

Commercial stain removers can be harmful to the environment and harsh on skin. If you're searching for an easy, natural and homemade stain remover, look no further! Read more

composting meat

Composting Meat: How to Dispose of Meat Scraps and Bones

Is composting meat and bones possible? In recent years, composting has become more and more popular. We'll share some tips to help you learn how to properly compost meat scraps and bones. Read more

scratches on wood floor

6 Tips for Repairing Scratches on Wood Floors

Although when treated correctly, wood floors can last for centuries, this doesn't mean they are impervious to scratches and other damage. Here we show you some of the easiest, natural ways to quickly fix scratches on your wood floors and how to prevent them in the future. Read more

how to clean faux leather

How to Clean Faux Leather Jackets, Couches, and More

This guide will show you how to clean your faux leather products and how to keep them in tip-top shape! Maintenance and cleaning of fake leather products can be done naturally, sustainably, and easily. Read on to see how. Read more

Homemade plant food

Homemade Plant Food: Tips for Helping Wilted Plants

In addition to water, good soil, and sunlight, plants also need food. We'll share our homemade plant food recipe and our best tips for how to keep your houseplants healthy. Read more

best way to clean bathtub

Best Way to Clean Bathtub Without Special Cleaners

Looking for the best way to clean your bathtub without using harsh chemicals? We'll show you how easy it is to make your own bathtub scrub using baking soda. Read more

loofah alternatives

Loofah: What It’s Made of and Alternatives

Plastic loofahs are a common shower accessory. But did you know that there are more eco-friendly loofah alternatives that may actually be better for your health? Read more