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Vampire power

What Is Vampire Power and How Can You Fix It?

Vampire power has nothing to do with mythical bloodsucking creatures of the night, but it does create serious real-world problems that are a 'drain' on resources - and your wallet. Read more

Whoever said that mason jars were only made for canning? You can safely freeze food in glass jars by following a few simple tips.

How to Safely Freeze Food in Mason Jars

Did you know that you can freeze food in mason jars? We'll share six tips on how to safely freeze food in mason jars, so you can avoid having to use freezer bags or other containers made out of plastic. Read more

what is glue made of

What Is Glue Made Of? And Is It Vegan?

It's a sticky situation: glue throughout history has been made of collagen, traditionally from animals. In this article we will delve into what glue is made of today and whether it is vegan or not. Read more

How to get mud out of your new shoes?

How to Get Mud out of Clothes, Rugs and Fabrics

Whether you've muddied up your fresh kicks, your new trousers, or your favorite carpet: here's how to get mud out of clothes, rugs, and fabrics. Read more

how to reuse candle jars

How to Reuse Candle Jars: 7 Fun Ideas

Do you have candle jars that have wax leftover but can no longer be used? Don't throw them away, instead learn how to reuse candle jars by first removing leftover wax. Read on to learn how. Read more

plants that repel flies

10 Plants That Repel Flies Naturally

Not only can botanicals contribute added charm to your garden and home, they can also function as effective fly repellents. Read more

is wood recyclable

Is Wood Recyclable? Wood Recycling Tips

Is wood recyclable? The answer is not as straightforward as you might think. Follow this guide on how to recycle wood properly. Plus, learn how you can reuse and repurpose your wood waste practically and creatively. Read more

Reuse chopsticks

Can You Reuse Disposable Chopsticks? Facts and Ideas

Should you reuse chopsticks, even if they're disposable? Throwing them straight in the trash seem like such a waste, but is it safe to rescue them. Read on to learn how to reuse and clean disposable chopsticks. Read more