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dryer sheet alternative

6 Eco-Friendly Dryer Sheet Alternatives

Dryer sheets can add a refreshing smell and softer feel to your clothes, but they can also harm your dryer, your clothes, and the environment. Let's take a look at some eco-friendly dryer sheet alternatives. Read more

essential oils for mosquitoes

Natural Repellents: Use These 7 Essential Oils for Mosquitoes

You don't need to buy expensive mosquito-repellent to keep the bugs off of your skin. We'll show you how to use essential oils to repel mosquitoes naturally. Read more

How to remove sharpie

How to Remove Sharpie From Clothing, Walls and More

Wondering how to remove sharpie from objects in your home? Permanent markers are great tools, but they can also create tough stains. Read on to learn natural methods for getting rid of sharpie marks. Read more

how to remove spray paint

How to Remove Spray Paint from Skin, Fabric and More

Discover how to remove spray paint without using heavy chemicals. It doesn't matter if it’s your skin, fabrics, or other common surfaces– these simple, all-natural remedies will get the spray paint off in no time. Read more

As leaves decompose they add nutrients to your compost pile.

How to Compost Leaves: 3 Ways

Learning how to compost leaves is a great way to give your garden an extra boost. Read on for 3 different ways to compost leaves. Read more

how to dry shoes

How to Dry Shoes: 2 Sustainable Methods

Wondering how to dry shoes without using electricity? Here we outline some ridiculously simple and sustainable tricks to dry your shoes naturally. Read more

How to get coffee stains out of your carpet

How to Get Coffee Stains Out of Carpet in 6 Steps

Coffee stains are among the worst in terms of lasting stains, and are really common. The good news is that you can get coffee stains out of your carpet easily by following these 5 steps. Read more

baths vs showers How much water does a shower use

Baths vs. Showers: Which One is More Sustainable?

Ever wondered how much water a shower uses versus a bath? As the environmental impact of our daily activities grows, being conscious about water consumption is more important than ever. Read more