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How to clean oil paintbrushes

How to Clean Oil Paintbrushes in 4 Simple Steps

Painting with oil paints can be very rewarding. But inevitably the more you paint, the dirtier the brushes get. Here's how to clean oil paint brushes at home. Read more

what not to put in garbage disposal

10 Things You Can’t Put Down Your Garbage Disposal

Having a garbage disposal right beneath your sink can be an effective way to dispose of food scraps, but certain things don't belong. We'll show you what not to put in your garbage disposal. Read more

DIY dog shampoo

DIY Dog Shampoo: 4 Different Recipes

DIY dog shampoo is so easy to prepare at home. Not only is this going to be cheaper than buying chemical products from the store, these DIY dog shampoo recipes are natural and very safe for your furry friends. Read more

homemade toothpaste

Homemade Toothpaste: How to Make It and What to Look Out For

There are many ways to make homemade toothpaste from scratch, however it doesn't need to be difficult. Read on to find out how to customize your own toothpaste, what to look out for, and an easy recipe to get you started. Read more

reusing plastic water bottles

Reusing Plastic Water Bottles: How to Do It Safely

Reusing plastic water bottles is just one way to prevent plastic bottles from ending up in landfill after just one use. But is it safe? Here are some tips. Read more

how to get rid of old mattress

How to Get Rid of Old Mattress: 4 Eco-Friendly Options

Ever seen an old mattress left on the curb? Not only is it ugly looking and fills the environment with unnecessary waste, you may even have to pay a fine. Plus, there are lots of easy ways to get rid of your old mattress sustainably. Read more

how to dispose of tv

How to Dispose of Your TV Responsibly

Learning how to dispose of your TV responsibly is important, and not as straightforward as disposing of other household waste. Follow this guide on how to recycle your old TV responsibly. Read more

native gardening

Native Gardening for Wildlife: Benefits and Tips for Beginners

If you're looking to make a positive impact on your local environment, give native gardening a try. We'll take a look at what it is, and how beneficial it can be. Read more