Maintaining Minimalism

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Minimalism is a movement against mindless consumerism and materialism. A minimalist lifestyle can be the very solution to the weight of material possessions under which many people suffer consciously or unconsciously. Having fewer possessions also means that you have less to take care of and worry about, granting you more space, more time, and more money. And that can make you happier.

Getting Rid of Stuff – Sustainably

Have you finished sorting your stuff using the methods from our last post? Now we’re going to focus on how best to get rid of the things you no longer need. Don’t just throw it all in the dumpster, because there are far better options.

In many cities, you’ll find weekly flea markets. This is a great place to sell some of the stuff you’re getting rid of. This extends the life of these objects and even allows you to earn back a bit of what you spent on them. You can also try your luck selling things on Ebay or in the classifieds.

If selling things is too much trouble, then you can donate or give away your stuff. Check for Facebook groups or local chapters of Freecycle in your city.

You can even have all your junk picked up at once. It’s often possible to donate your cast-offs to local charities. Give it a google. But do pay attention when electronics are involved; these must be disposed of properly.

Once you’ve gotten rid of all the unnecessaries, then comes the real challenge: maintaining this minimalist state.

One important tip: make everything as visible as possible, from clothes to food to books. When you’ve always got an eye on the things you own, you don’t buy new things unnecessarily.

Before you buy something new: borrow, exchange, or repair. Someone in your neighborhood surely has a drill you can borrow. In exchange, you can lend your lawn mower. You can mend a small hole in a tee-shirt yourself; if something needs more attention, taking it to a tailor is often easier than buying something new. The same idea works for shoes or watches, too.

One final tip to keep up your minimalistic lifestyle and to keep yourself from collecting unnecessary new items: For each new thing you purchase, an old one is sorted out. In this way, the number of your possessions remains the same. This is especially easy to apply to clothing, books, or decorative items.

Do you have other minimalism techniques or tips for living consciously for our readers? Share them with us in the comments!

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