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team building activities for kids

30 Team-Building Activities for Kids (Indoor & Outdoor)

Team-building activities for kids are just as important as they are for adults! Not only do they bring joy, but they can also improve self-image and social acceptance. Read more

Greenpeace Shell

Greenpeace vs. Shell: Why Protestors Boarded This Oil Platform

In this article we explain the background for the conflict between Greenpeace and Shell and consider why protestors boarded Shell's vessel on January 31st, 2023. Read more

Outdoor team building.

25 Outdoor Team Building Activities for Group Bonding

Outdoor team-building activities give groups a chance to bond while solving problems together and getting to know each other. Check out our activities for the whole team. Read more

What is subsistence farming?

What Is Subsistence Farming? Definition & Interesting FAQs

What is subsistence farming? We'll look at this traditional agriculture practice at the heart of many environmental debates, from food scarcity to preservation. Read more

mind blanking

Mind Blanking: What Happens When Your Brain Goes Foggy

Where does your brain go when you find yourself staring into space? Let's take a closer look at the phenomenon of mind blanking. Read more

Performative Activism

Are You Guilty of Performative Activism?

Are you guilty of engaging in performative activism? Find out what a performative activist is and how to be a better ally without putting yourself front and center. Read more

Impact of climate crisis on kids.

The Unseen Impact of the Climate Crisis on Kids

The impact of the climate crisis on kids cannot be denied — and it's growing. Find out how their health, well-being and futures are under threat. Read more

Solarpunk and lunarpunk aesthetic.

Lunarpunk and Solarpunk: Environment-Focused Aesthetics Explained

Lunarpunk and solarpunk are subcultures that emerged from science fiction. We'll explain these environment-focused aesthetics and why they work for a sustainable lifestyle. Read more