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oat flour substitute

The 8 Best Oat Flour Substitutes for Any Recipe

Have you run out of oat flour or can't find it in the store? You can still make your favorite dishes — here are the 8 best oat flour substitutes to use in a pinch. Read more

can vegans eat bread

Can Vegans Eat Bread? Yes — With These Varieties, Brands and Recipes

You're vegan and wondering whether you can eat bread? In many cases, the answer is yes. We’ll show you a couple common vegan bread brands, what to look out for when buying and how to make your own with a great vegan bread recipe. Read more

pantry beetles

Pantry Beetles: Where They Come From & How to Get Rid of Them

Pantry beetles are a small and annoying pest. Learn how to stop the spread of these bugs in your home and get rid of them in a safe and natural way. Read more

healthy cheesecake recipe

Healthy Cheesecake: Delicious, Plant-Based & No-Bake Recipe

This healthy cheesecake recipe is rich and satisfying — but it won't weigh you down. Check out this easy-to-make crowd-pleaser. Read more

Chia seed substitute

7 Chia Seed Substitutes & Ways To Use Them

Chia seed substitutes can be used in a variety of ways when baking and cooking. Learn more about chia seed alternatives and how to use them in this article. Read more

arrowroot powder substitute

6 Easy Arrowroot Powder Substitutes From Your Kitchen

Don't have arrowroot on hand and need something gluten-free to thicken your sauce? Don't sweat it! You're bound to have one of these arrowroot powder substitutes in your pantry. Read more

how to store flour

How to Store Flour So It Stays Fresh (and Avoid Flour Bugs!)

It may seem that flour never goes bad, but improper storage can lead to big problems. Learn how to store flour effectively and keep it fresh. Read more

can you freeze flour

Can You Freeze Flour? Here’s Why You Want To

Can you freeze flour? Yes, and we'll show you why it's a game-changer for home cooks and bakers alike to save money and reduce food waste in the kitchen. Read more