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is red bull vegan

Is Red Bull Vegan? The Answer Is Tricky

Many energy drinks look vegan, but they usually contain animal products in some form. We'll explain why Red Bull is not vegan and offer better alternatives. Read more

is nutella vegan

Is Nutella Vegan? The Question We’ve All Been Asking

It's one of the breakfast staples in many countries all over the world. When going for a plant-based diet, many may wonder whether Nutella is vegan. We'll give you the lowdown. Read more

Unhealthy food to cross out of your diet

Unhealthy Food You Should Cross Out of Your Diet

Discovering more about unhealthy food to cross off your diet won't only benefit you. It will also benefit the environment because our 'nasty nine' are unsustainable as well. Read more

Low FODMAP Fruits

Low FODMAP Fruits: The Diet Explained & 9 Fruits You Can Still Eat

Knowing the difference between high and low FODMAP fruits will help you maintain a balanced diet while identifying which foods might trigger digestive discomfort and IBS symptoms. Read more