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Foods with citrulline

The 10 Foods With the Most Citrulline (& Recipes)

Foods with citrulline have been gaining popularity for their purported health benefits. Read more to learn what citrulline is and which foods contain it. Read more

Pre workout smoothie

3 Easy Pre-Workout Smoothies for Vegans

Adding pre-workout smoothies to your workout session is a great choice, and could potentially provide you with extra benefits. We'll show you three vegan options. Read more

emotional eating

The Signs of Emotional Eating & How to Stop

Emotional eating is when you use food to distract from your emotions. Understanding why you eat can help you get to the root of the problem. Read more

Vegan comfort food

The Ultimate Guide to Vegan Comfort Food

Vegan comfort food makes us feel warm and satisfied, and often brings back happy memories — minus the meat and dairy. Here's some ideas for main courses, breakfast and dessert. Read more

is sugar sustainable

A Deep Dive Into Sugar: Sustainability and Health Impact

Is sugar sustainable? Is sugar healthy or unhealthy, and is it vegan? Why are global authorities advising us to reduce our intake? What exactly is sugar anyway? Find out here. Read more

Photo: CC0 Public Domain / Unsplash - Dan Gold

The Ultimate Low-Histamine Food List

Eating low-histamine food is essential if you are histamine sensitive. Consult this food list for which foods to eat and which to avoid. Read more

Vegetarian and vegan athletes

6 Vegan and Vegetarian Athletes in the US

If you thought meat was the protein of choice for pro athletes, think again. More and more people are eating plant-based diets — here are 6 vegan and vegetarian athletes. Read more

is olive oil sustainable

A Deep Dive Into Olive Oil: Sustainability and Health Benefits

Olive oil has many uses and benefits. Due to the range of olive plantation types and agricultural methods used in production, the sustainability of olive oil is complicated. Read more