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Uses for bamboo.

5 Surprising Uses for Bamboo

An incredibly versatile plant, there are many different and surprising uses for bamboo. Read on to see why it's one of the most useful and sustainable materials out there. Read more

Upcycling ideas.

7 Upcycling Ideas for Home Decor

Need a few upcycling ideas for your unwanted goods? Cut down on waste, get creative, and do your part in conserving the environment with these tried and tested tips. Read more

homemade birthday gift

20 Easy Homemade Birthday Gift Ideas

Homemade birthday gifts are not only more personal but usually work out cheaper too. Here are 20 easy DIY gift ideas and tutorials for any celebration.  Read more

How to crochet reusable produce bag

How To Crochet a Bag in Only One Day

This project makes a versatile, eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags. Follow this step-by-step tutorial and video on how to crochet a bag and take your produce bag on the go. Read more

liquor homemade

How To Make Homemade Liqueur

Homemade liqueur is a great way to use fruit in a tasty and creative drink that wows your dinner guests. Follow our simple recipe below and enjoy! Read more

avocado honey face mask

DIY Avocado Honey Face Mask Recipe

Avocado is an ingredient used in natural remedies for tired skin. When mixed with honey, it can be easily made into a DIY avocado honey face mask to clean and refresh your skin. Read more

making wine at home

Making Wine at Home: 6 Things To Consider

Making wine at home can be a tasty and sustainable hobby to impress your dinner guests – and to use an abundance of fruits. Explore some tips and things to consider below. Read more

homemade slime recipe

3 Homemade Slime Recipes: How To Make DIY No Glue Slime

There's nothing more disgustingly wonderful than children playing with no-glue slime. These three homemade slime recipes will make the little ones' eyes light up. Read more