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native fruits of north america

14 Native Fruits of North America (And Where to Find Them)

You'd be surprised at all the tasty fruit you can grow yourself or find in the wild. Check out these native fruits of North America to look for this summer. Read more

How to preserve aloe vera gel

How to Preserve and Store Aloe Vera Gel

Wondering how to preserve aloe vera gel? It can be difficult to store due to its sticky nature, but the health benefits make it worth your while. Read more

threats to biodiversity

5 Threats to Biodiversity and What You Can Do

There is an alarming number of threats to biodiversity. But life on Earth relies on biodiversity to thrive. Right now, it is in peril due to climate change and human activity. Read more

invasive species in the US

16 Worst Invasive Species in the US

While massive portions of biodiversity are lost every day, many invasive species in the US thrive. Read more to learn which ones might be lurking near you. Read more

California native plants.

California Native Plants: Beautiful Bee-Friendly Options

California is one of the most geographically diverse states. This also means there are plenty of beautiful California native plants. Let's take a closer look. Read more

eggshells for plants

Eggshells as Fertilizer for Garden Plants and Seed Starter

Eggshells make a great fertilizer, but that's not the only use they have in the garden. We'll take a look at how to use eggshells for plants. Read more

fertilize strawberries

This is How You Fertilize Your Strawberry Plants Naturally

Can't get enough of the strawberry season? We'll explore how and when to fertilize strawberries so you can boost your harvest of these bright, juicy berries. Read more

sugar beet vs. sugar cane

Sugar Beet vs. Sugar Cane: Why It Really Makes a Difference

While sugar beets and sugar cane may not look alike, they do share several qualities. We'll take a closer look at these two plants, including their environmental impact. Read more