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when to plant pumpkins

When to Plant Pumpkins in Time for Fall

Is the fall spirit convincing you to grow your own pumpkin patch? Learn how and when to plant pumpkins so they're ready for next year! Read more

how to grow wasabi

This is How to Grow Wasabi & Make Your Own Paste

Growing wasabi plants can be a difficult, yet rewarding undertaking. We’ll explain how to grow and care for wasabi and how to make your own wasabi paste. Read more

How to preserve moss.

How to Preserve Moss: A Sustainable Introduction

Learning how to preserve moss can be a creative way to experiment with plant-based artwork and decor. Here's how to add a sustainable twist to your space. Read more

coconut trees vs. palm trees

Coconut Trees vs. Palm Trees: What’s the Difference?

Coconut trees and palm trees may look similar, but there are distinct differences between them. Read on to learn more about coconut trees vs. palm trees. Read more

aloe plant turning brown

The Easy Way To Stop an Aloe Plant Turning Brown

Is your aloe plant turning brown? Wondering how to get it back to healthy green? Follow these steps and your plant will be back to its vibrant self in no time. Read more

ocean seaweed

Why Ocean Seaweed Is Good for You and the Environment

You may not love swimming through it, but ocean seaweed plays a vital role in the environment. Read on for the impacts, benefits and culinary varieties of seaweed. Read more

where does bamboo grow

Where Does Bamboo Grow and Is It Edible?

Bamboo is a surprisingly easy plant to grow and can be found worldwide. Let's take a look at where bamboo grows and if you can eat it. Read more

Uses for bamboo.

5 Surprising Uses for Bamboo

An incredibly versatile plant, there are many different and surprising uses for bamboo. Read on to see why it's one of the most useful and sustainable materials out there. Read more