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ponytail palm care

How to Care for the Ponytail Palm (Easy Houseplant)

The ponytail palm has become a much-loved houseplant by many, and it is important to take good care of it. We've compiled the best ponytail palm care tips for you below. Read more


Coppicing: Benefits of the Traditional Woodland Management

Coppicing is a traditional woodland management technique where trees are cut at the base to allow new shoots to grow. We'll show you the benefits of coppicing and how it's done. Read more

morel hunting

Morel Hunting: A Beginner’s Guide

Morel mushrooms are an elusive ingredient only found in the wild, and are popular in the culinary world. Learn how to go morel hunting and how to prepare these fungi. Read more

Patchouli benefits

Patchouli: Benefits & Drawbacks of the Essential Oil

Patchouli oil has a very distinct scent, and is commonly used topically and for aromatherapy. Patchouli benefits range from household to wellness, learn more here. Read more

Overwatered seedling

Overwatered Seedling: Warning Signs & Treatment

Regardless of which type of plant you're growing, seedlings need frequent watering and relatively moist soil. Here, you'll learn how to avoid overwatered seedlings. Read more

natural lawns

Natural Lawns: A Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Alternative to Grass

Tired of pouring so much time, effort, money, and fertilizer into maintaining your perfect lawn? Natural lawns might be the sustainable and low maintenance solution. Read more

horticultural therapy

Horticultural Therapy: How Gardening Can Help You Heal

Horticultural therapy is the practice of healing using plants and nature. We'll tell you more about the therapeutic benefits, and how you can get started. Read more

Storing strawberries how to keep strawberries fresh

How to Keep Strawberries Fresh: Storing Strawberries Like a Pro

Storing strawberries correctly is key to keeping them fresh. Utopia will show how to store strawberries like a pro and how to keep them fresh for longer. Read more