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overwatered snake plant

Overwatered Snake Plant: Telltale Signs & Easy Solutions

Many do not realize that snake plants are part of the succulent family. This means they do very well in dry conditions, and they don't need to be watered often. Here's how to avoid having an overwatered snake plant. Read more

How to repot succulents.

How to Repot Succulents in 7 Easy Steps

Wondering how to repot succulents? It's an essential part of owning potted plants. Though it may seem intimidating for a succulent novice, it's actually quite easy. These basic instructions will help. Read more

window herb garden

How to Grow a Herb Garden on Your Windowsill

Want to start growing your own herbs but lack outdoor space? Learn how to make a window herb garden to grow and enjoy your own fresh herbs. Read more

jasmine essential oil benefits

6 Real Benefits of Jasmine Essential Oil

Jasmine essential oil benefits are extensive and cover a wide range of ailments. The product can be added to foods and drinks, as well as used for skincare, aromatherapy, massage, and more. Read more

diatomaceous earth for plants

How to Use Diatomaceous Earth For Your Plants

Diatomaceous earth is a nontoxic product you can use to help your plants flourish. Read more

tea tree essential oil benefits

Tea Tree Essential Oil: 10 Benefits for Health and Household

The benefits of tea tree essential oil are manifold. It's a natural antibacterial product that can be used in a variety of ways, from skincare and healthcare to household cleaning! Read more

As leaves decompose they add nutrients to your compost pile.

How to Compost Leaves: 3 Ways

Learning how to compost leaves is a great way to give your garden an extra boost. Read on for 3 different ways to compost leaves. Read more

Homemade plant food

Homemade Plant Food: Tips for Helping Wilted Plants

In addition to water, good soil, and sunlight, plants also need food. We'll share our homemade plant food recipe and our best tips for how to keep your houseplants healthy. Read more