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growing and harvesting spinach

Growing and Harvesting Spinach: A Complete Guide

Growing spinach is easy. This guide will explain how to plant spinach, when the best time for harvesting spinach is and a few tips on how to use it! Read more

bees extinction

What Happens if Bees Go Extinct? 10 Things That Would Disappear

May 20th is World Bee Day – a day to remind us that we all depend on the survival of bees. Bee extinction would mean losing a tremendous amount of everyday things, and not just fruit and vegetables.  Read more

hybrid plants

Hybrid Plants: The Pros and Cons of the Superplants

Hybrid plants, created by cross-pollinating two genetically different species, are bred to maximize the most desirable characteristics of the original plants. Read more

Planting in your apartment

Planting in Your Apartment: Tips for Beginners

Planting in an apartment is not difficult at all. In this article we’ll give you some easy tips on how to garden in your apartment sustainably. Read more

how to grow bok choy

How to Grow Bok Choy: 7 Tips for the Best Results

Bok choy is a leafy green cabbage that originates from China. With these helpful tips, you can learn how to grow bok choy and enjoy your homegrown vegetable. Read more

propagate monstera

How to Propagate Monstera Plants in 5 Simple Steps

Monstera plants are an eye-catching addition to any room. We’ll show you how to easily propagate monstera plants and how to care for your new plants. Read more

Grow pistachios

How to Grow Pistachios Where You Live

Whether you're new to gardening or an avid home gardener, growing pistachios can be a fun challenge. Read on to learn where to grow pistachios, and how to harvest and care for the trees. Read more

kitchen herb garden

12 Herbs For Your Kitchen Garden

Herbs enrich every dish - especially when they are freshly picked. Why not use your time at home during the coronavirus crisis to grow your very own kitchen herb garden? We'll show you which herbs are best suited for this. Read more