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extinct animals

Gone Forever: 10 Extinct Animals Humans Pushed to the Brink

Humanity has irreversibly harmed Earth's biodiversity, woven over millions of years. Read our list of extinct animals to understand why conservation efforts matter now. Read more

are narwhals extinct

Are Narwhals Extinct or Endangered? How Can You Help?

Are narwhals extinct or endangered? Learn the facts about narwhals' endangered status and discover 10 ways to help protect these unicorns of the sea! Read more

canadian animals

These Are the 9 Most Dangerous Animals in Canada

Canada is home to a dizzying array of wildlife, both beautiful and dangerous. We'll list some of the creatures you need to be wary of when exploring the Canadian wilderness. Read more

what are wetlands

What Are Wetlands? Exploring the Hidden Gems of Nature

This type of ecosystem is incredibly common but rarely talked about. What are wetlands? Learn more about this integral habitat and the role they play for our planet. Read more

woolly mammoth vs. elephant

Woolly Mammoths vs. Elephants: Why the Difference Suddenly Matters

What would you do if saw a woolly mammoth in real life? Here is why woolly mammoths vs. elephants is a hot topic in the conversation surrounding conservation. Read more

what is a keystone species

What Is a Keystone Species and Why Are They So Important?

If you've done any reading in the environmental space, you've likely come across this term. But what exactly is a keystone species? Let's find out. Read more

california native trees

12 California Native Trees for Your Patio or Garden

California native trees add a visual element to your yard and provide a safe habitat for native species. Find out which suits your space. Read more

California native grasses

8 Best California Native Grasses for Landscaping and Gardens

Spruce up your garden and make it more environmentally friendly by adding some California native grasses which are beautiful and easy to take care of! Read more