Pascal Thiele

Pascal Thiele studied communications and has been a freelance author and instructor since 2011. He also teaches yoga and meditation and is probably already on the way to his next backpacking destination or travelling the world in his van.

lemon ginger tea

Ginger and Garlic Tea: Benefits & Recipe

Let’s be honest: garlic tea sounds disgusting. But despite seeming unusual, this medicinal tea has been used for centuries, particularly by Native Americans. Learn about the effects and benefits of ginger and garlic tea, and how to make your own at home. Read more

sauerkraut juice

Sauerkraut Juice: Uses, Benefits, and Side Effects

Sauerkraut juice sounds disgusting, but it will give your body a serious nutritional boost. It’s full of vitamins and contains healthy lactobacilli. We’ll tell you why this should be your new drink of choice. Read more