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Pascal Thiele

Pascal Thiele studied communications and has been a freelance author and instructor since 2011. He also teaches yoga and meditation and is probably already on the way to his next backpacking destination or travelling the world in his van.

chickpea tofu

Chickpea Tofu: The Plant-Based Protein You’ve Been Looking For

This chickpea tofu recipe is the perfect alternative to traditional tofu. Whether you're trying to reduce your soy intake or looking to mix up your weeknight dinners, this easy recipe is a delicious choice. Read more

how to make yeast

How to Make Yeast at Home

Making wild yeast yourself is ridiculously easy. We’ll show you how to make yeast step-by-step and what you need to pay attention to. Read more

how to clean your tongue

How to Clean Your Tongue Without A Tongue Scraper

Cleaning your tongue prevents bad breath and supports dental health. Here's how to clean your tongue with baking soda and why it’s important. Read more

Gargling salt water does help a sore throat benefits of salt water gargle

Gargling with Salt Water: Its Benefits and How to Reap Them

Gargling with salt water is an age-old household remedy for sore throats and colds. But what are the benefits and how exactly does it help a sore throat? Read more

sauerkraut juice

Sauerkraut Juice Benefits, Side Effects & Uses

Sauerkraut juice sounds disgusting, but it will give your body a serious nutritional boost. It’s full of vitamins and contains healthy lactobacilli. We’ll tell you why this should be your new drink of choice. Read more

soft tofu

What is Silken Tofu & Difference From Firm Tofu

Silken tofu is much softer than the more common tofu varieties. When used correctly, you can prepare a variety of delicious dishes with silken tofu. Read more

lemon ginger tea

Ginger and Garlic Tea: Benefits & Recipe

Let’s be honest: garlic tea sounds disgusting. But despite seeming unusual, this medicinal tea has been used for centuries, particularly by Native Americans. Learn about the effects and benefits of ginger and garlic tea, and how to make your own at home. Read more

Black Plastic

Black Plastics: Why Are They So Bad for the Environment?

Black plastics are almost impossible to recycle, making them even more harmful than other plastics. We'll take a look at why these materials are so problematic, and what the alternatives are. Read more