Cold Brew Coffee: Possibly the most Sustainable Brewing Method

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Cold brew coffee keeps you awake and makes for a refreshing alternative to a hot cup of joe in the summer. Here’s how to make your own home brew cold coffee – simple and easy.

It’s healthier than a Frappé and Nescafé and a sugar free alternative to iced coffee: Cold brew coffee has been the hottest cold drink of the summer for over two decades. However, the name in itself can prove misleading: The coffee “brewing” process actually implies adding hot water.

Cold Brew Coffee: Mild and wholesome

Cold brew coffee is brewed with cold water. In contrast to the traditional brewing process, this extracts aromas and caffeine without heat. It takes a bit longer but also has its benefits: Cold brew only contains around 15 percent of the acids found in normal coffee and is therefore milder and lighter on your stomach. The drink also contains fewer bitter tasting elements than normal coffee. Baristas highlight cold brew’s “mellow aromas” which are released through brewing without heat in the cold brewing process.

How it’s done: The Cold Brew Coffee Recipe

Making your own cold brew coffee couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is carve out a bit of time: You should let the coffee brew for around twelve hours on average. This is only an estimation and can vary accordingly. Coffee bloggers suggest: Just get after it and try things out. Filtering the cold brew coffee longer adds to the taste’s intensity.

For around four cups of cold brew coffee you’ll need:

  • 3,5 oz. of Fair-Trade or organic coffee: fresh and roughly grounded coffee works the best. If you don’t happen to have a coffee grinder (found on **Amazon), ground coffee works too.
  • Filter cone or French press
  • A pitcher (2 pitchers if you’re not using a French press)
  • 4 cups of cold water
  • 12 hours of time (in total approx. 3 minutes of actual work time)
  • Ice cubes. You can also add cream, milk or milk-alternatives such as soy, almond or oat milk to the cold brew coffee to enrich the taste.

Here’s how it’s done:

1. Pour the coarsely ground coffee into one of the pitchers or your French press.

Cold brew coffee homemade grounds
Fill your pitcher with coffee grounds to get started. (Photo: © Utopia)

2. Add the cold water and stir around to break up the coffee grounds.

3. Cover the pitcher and let the coffee-water mixture brew for around 12 hours or overnight.

Cold brew coffee homemade step 3
Add cold water and stir (Photo: © Utopia)

4. After twelve hours have passed, filter the cold brew coffee concentrate into your second pitcher. Things are a bit easier with the French press: Press down on the filter and fill the coffee into your pitcher.

Cold brew coffee filter
Filter the cold brew concentrate into your second pitcher. (Photo: © Utopia)

You’re bound to lose a small amount of liquid during the brewing process. Feel free to add a bit of water to the coffee concentrate in order to fill the pitcher.

Now you’re ready to enjoy your cold brew coffee – with ice cubs, milk (or alternatives), cream or maybe even with a scoop of (homemade) ice cream. You can also store your cold brew in the fridge for up to ten days.

Fair Trade Coffee: Shop Responsibly

Whether it be your own home cold brew or a hot cup to get your day started: Take the extra step in making sure your brand is a sustainable one. Fair Trade, Fair Trade Certified and USDA Organic are the most common certifications you’ll find on coffee packaging and guarantee environmental, social and economic sustainability.

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