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Going Vegan: 5 Simple Steps Towards Veganism

Going vegan means rejecting all products and ingredients derived from animal sources. Many people decide on this diet because the production of milk, eggs, and leather contributes to the suffering of millions of animals. Your decision doesn’t have to be all or nothing, however – every step counts. Read more

vegan gravy

Easy Vegan Gravy Recipe

If you've been searching for an easy vegan gravy recipe, look no further! We'll show you how to make a delicious vegan gravy that definitely deserves a place at your next holiday gathering. Read more

How to substitute for bread flour.

Substitutes for Bread Flour: Alternatives and Homemade Options

You can substitute bread flour 1:1 with flour that you probably already have in your pantry – or just make homemade bread flour yourself. We’ll show you how. Read more

how to store ginger

How to Store Ginger Root: 6 Ways to Keep Your Ginger Fresh for Longer

Fresh ginger is a relatively potent spice, so most recipes require only a small amount. What to do with the leftovers? We’ll show you how to store ginger roots and keep them fresh. Read more

vegan cheese sauce recipe

Easy Vegan Cheese Sauce Recipe

Cheese is known to be one of the hardest things for people to give up when switching to a vegan diet. However, once you've made this vegan cheese sauce recipe, you'll never look back. Read more

How to make cashew milk

How to Make Cashew Milk in 2 Steps (Without Straining)

Want to learn how to make cashew milk at home? This easy two-ingredient recipe makes fresh cashew milk that you can use for smoothies, vegan baking, lattes and more. Read more

microwave baked sweet potato

Microwave-Baked Sweet Potato in Only 5 Minutes

Whether you want a quick meal or an easy side dish, sweet potatoes are a great option. We'll show you how to make a microwave-baked sweet potato in just a few simple steps. Read more

can you freeze peppers

How to Freeze Bell Peppers and Hot Peppers

Peppers usually take a long time to develop the best color and flavors, which is why fall is the perfect time for harvest. However, there is a limit as to how many you can use fresh. Can you freeze bell peppers? It's possible – and quite simple!  Read more