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vegan corn dogs recipe

Vegan Corn Dog Recipes: Plant-Based Comfort Food

Corn dogs are an American classic, but plant-based versions do exist. We’ll show you two vegan corn dog recipes you can make at home! Read more

non-dairy sour cream

Non-Dairy Sour Cream: Recipes and Uses

If you’ve been searching for a dairy free sour cream substitute, look no further. We’ve gathered a few recipes for some delicious non-dairy sour cream! Read more

do nuts go bad

Do Nuts Go Bad? Tips and Tricks for Proper Storage

Nuts are one of the healthier snacks to munch on during the day, but how long do they last? Do nuts go bad? Let's take a look at how to store them properly. Read more

Is Ketchup Vegan? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Is Ketchup truly vegan? We'll focus our spotlight on the controversial connection between ketchup and animals. Read all about it here. Read more

How to Grow Sweet Potatoes – All You Need to Know

Not only is the sweet potato an incredibly versatile vegetable, but it's also an exceptionally nutritious one. Learn all our tips and tricks to grow sweet potatoes in your garden. Read more

flowering artichoke

10 Flowering Vegetables You Can Grow in Your Garden

The benefits flowering vegetables bring to your garden make it a no-brainer to start growing them. Here's a list of 10 flowering vegetables we recommend to try out. Read more

is almond milk vegan?

Is Almond Milk Vegan? Let’s Take a Look

Almond milk is known for being a very nutritious plant-based beverage, but is it vegan? Let's take a closer look at how bees play a role in almond milk. Read more

How to eat honeycomb

Can You Eat Honeycomb? Benefits, Uses, and What You Should Know

It is a bit of a trend among health-conscious consumers – but should you really eat honeycomb? Is it safe? And how do you use it? Here are the basics. Read more