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Parsley and Cilantro

Parsley vs. Cilantro: How to Tell the Difference and How to Use Them

Parsley vs cilantro: What's the difference? Although they might look similar, their flavor profiles and uses are very different. Find out more here! Read more

Proats: Easy Recipe for Protein Oats

Proats: Easy Breakfast Recipe for Protein Oats

Protein oats, proats for short, make for a tasty and nutritious breakfast. This recipe is easy to make and there's a vegan option, too. Read more

can you eat beets raw

Can You Eat Beets Raw? Here’s What You Should Know

Beets are healthy and versatile, and add a pop of color to any dish. But can you eat beets raw? We’ll explain what you should know about eating raw beets. Read more

Burnet Flower

Learn How to Find, Grow and Use Salad Burnet

Salad burnet is a versatile, easy-to-grow culinary and medicinal herb. It's rich in vitamin C and has a refreshing and unusual flavor. Read more

Easy Falafel Recipe

Easy Falafel Recipe: Vegan, Authentic & Delicious

Falafel is a vegan dish typically found in Middle Eastern cuisine. For our authentic and easy Falafel recipe, you only need a few ingredients. Read more

edible weeds

Edible Weeds: 9 Common Weeds You Can Eat

Weeds are just plants growing where humans don't want them, but did you know some are edible? We'll look at 9 weeds you can eat and how to identify them. Read more

Chickweed Leaves

Chickweed: How to Use this Edible Wild Herb

Edible chickweed is often found in fields and gardens. Although it looks unremarkable, this wild herb is delicious and nutritious. Read more

How to Make Scafata: Simple Fava Beans Recipe

How to Make Scafata: a Simple Fava Bean Recipe

This traditional dish from the Italian region of Umbria is easy to make and it's vegan! Here's a simple recipe for the tasty fava bean stew. Read more