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Overnight oats recipe

Overnight Oats: Three Simple Breakfast Ideas

Overnight oats offer a simple and delicious alternative to traditional oatmeal. Here are three healthy recipes that are easy to prepare. Read more

Cookie dough on a baking sheet

Best Edible Cookie Dough: An Easy Vegan Recipe

If raw cookie dough is one of your guilty pleasures, then this article is for you. This vegan cookie dough recipe helps you enjoy it safely. Read more

coconut oatmeal cookies

Healthy Coconut Oatmeal Cookies: A Simple Recipe

Looking for a healthy and delicious midday snack? With this simple recipe, you can easily make your own coconut oatmeal cookies. Read more

boiling corn on the cob

Boiling Fresh Corn on the Cob: A Quick Guide

There is no better summer treat than corn on the cob. Boiling corn on the cob is a quick and easy way to prepare this ancient yellow vegetable. With this guide, you’ll learn how long to boil corn on the cob, and what to look out for when buying it in the supermarket. Read more

Avocados health benefits

Avocado Benefits: How Healthy is this Problematic Superfood?

The hype around the superfood avocado and its health benefits is huge. Exactly how good are avocados for you? And how do they affect the environment? Read more

leftover spaghetti

Leftover Spaghetti Frittata: A Vegetarian Recipe

Frittata di spaghetti is a simple dish which can be made fresh, or using leftover spaghetti. We’ll share an easy vegetarian version of this popular recipe. Read more

how long does asparagus last?

How Long Does Asparagus Last? How to Keep Asparagus Fresh

Wondering how long asparagus lasts? Storing it properly can help extend its shelf-life. We’ll share our best tips for storing asparagus to keep it fresh. Read more

greek Briam recipe

Briam: Recipe for Traditional Greek Roasted Vegetables

Greek briam is a simple dish of Mediterranean oven-roasted vegetables. Thinly-sliced colorful vegetables and a spiral pattern give this casserole a unique look. We’ll show you how to prepare this specialty yourself with our favorite briam recipe. Read more