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picnic date ideas

Picnic Date Ideas: Romantic Dining for Two

One of the best parts about summer is eating outside. We’ve put together a list of picnic date ideas for you to enjoy some outdoor quality time. Read more

is flour vegan

Is Flour Vegan? Tips for Cruelty-Free Baking

Is flour vegan? Sometimes, products you always thought were completely plant-based turn out not to be. Is flour one of them? Read more

can you freeze coconut milk

Can You Freeze Coconut Milk? What to Keep in Mind

Can leftover coconut milk be frozen? We’ll take a look to see if you can freeze coconut milk, and what you should keep in mind. Read more

matcha vs green tea

Matcha vs. Green Tea: What’s the Difference?

Both unique beverages come from the same plant. We’ll take a look at matcha vs. green tea to see how they differ, and the benefits of drinking them. Read more

factory farming

Factory Farming: A Look at This Problematic System

Animals aren't the only ones that suffer when reared on factory farms; the environment and human health are also affected. Learn more here. Read more

which gummy bears are vegan and which are not

5 Vegan Gummy Bear Brands – and Ones That Are Not

Vegan gummy bear brands are surging in popularity. Here’s five brands that are just as tasty as Haribo or Trolli but come without gelatin. Read more

vegan butter substitutes alternatives

The Best Vegan Substitutes for Butter

With an abundance of tasty and exciting vegan substitutes to dairy butter now available, making the switch to a plant-based diet couldn’t be easier. Read more

Vegan Meringues

Aquafaba Meringues: Easy Vegan Dessert Recipe

Aquafaba meringues are really easy to make and they taste just as good as the original. Here's how you make them from leftover bean water. Read more