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gluten-free yeast-free bread

Gluten-Free, Yeast-Free Bread: A Life-Changing Recipe

The gluten-free, yeast free bread tastes deliciously moist and nutty. You can easily bake it yourself — we'll show you exactly how to do it. Read more

spinach and feta pizza

Spinach and Feta Pizza: Not Just for Vegetarians

Spinach and feta pizza is a vegetarian classic. With our delicious recipe you can easily make it yourself. We’ve also included some vegan toppings! Read more

how to keep green onions fresh

How to Store Green Onions: 3 Ways to Keep Them Fresh

Bought too many green onions and wondering how to keep them fresh? We'll explain three easy ways for storing green onions. Read more


Kladdkaka: Swedish Chocolate Cake Recipe

Kladdkaka is a popular type of chocolate cake from Sweden. What makes it special? It isn’t baked all the way through, so the inside is a little sticky. Read more

health benefits of tofu

Tofu Health Benefits: Behind the Protein Powerhouse

Is tofu healthy? The health benefits of tofu are highly debated. We’ll take a look at tofu protein and how nutritious it really is. Read more

cinnamon tea benefits

Cinnamon Tea: 4 Health Benefits and How to Make Your Own

Cinnamon is a comforting smell, but did you know you could drink it? We’ll give you a cinnamon tea recipe and explain the benefits of cinnamon tea. Read more

how to make tempeh

How to Make Tempeh: Easy Homemade Tempeh Recipe

Tempeh is more than just another soy product! We’ll tell you everything you need to know about this vegan meat alternative and how to make homemade tempeh. Read more

Easy bread recipe ingredients

Easy Spelt Bread Recipe: Simple and Quick 1 Hour Prep

Simple and easy bread recipes make baking a breeze. This quick spelt bread recipe is ready in an under an hour – no need to run to the bakery or grocery store when homemade is just as simple. Give it a try. Read more