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Vegan Food Pyramid

The Vegan Food Pyramid: 6 Steps to a Balanced Vegan Diet

The vegan food pyramid will help you eat a balanced vegan diet. We'll show you how to get all the nutrients your body needs purely from plant-based foods! Read more

spinach benefits

Spinach: Health Benefits and Nutrition Facts

The list of spinach health benefits is long. In this article, we’ll tell you all you need to know about the nutrition facts of this leafy green. Read more

drying oregano - how to dry oregano

Drying Oregano: How to Preserve the Flavor

If you find yourself with a surplus of fresh oregano, don't panic. Drying oregano is easy! We'll show you two methods that will preserve the delicious flavor of the herb. Read more

drying mint - how to dry mint

Drying Peppermint: How to Dry Mint for Later Use

Wondering how to dry mint? Drying peppermint is incredibly easy, so you can enjoy your harvest all year round in a variety of different ways. Read more

vegetarian protein

Vegetarian Protein: Plant Protein Sources

It is perfectly possible to get a healthy amount of protein from a diet that is purely plant-based. We’ll show you how to add sources of high-quality vegetarian protein to your diet that would satisfy even an athlete’s needs. Read more

Beer for Vegans Sunset

Is Beer Vegan? What Vegans Need to Know

Is beer vegan? Sure, you might think so – but it's actually not that simple. Here's everything you need to know about beer for vegans. Read more

Vegan Protein Drink

Vegan Protein Powder: We Review Three Sustainable Brands

Good sources of protein are important in a vegan lifestyle. We review three vegan protein powder brands here, focusing on how sustainable they are. Read more

what is in gelatin vegan vegetarian substitutes for cooking baking

What is Gelatin Made of? 5 Vegan and Vegetarian Substitutes

So what exactly is gelatin made of? We'll show you exactly what is in gelatin and which vegetarian or vegan gelatin substitutes work best. Read more