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homemade pesto

Homemade Pesto: Easy Recipe in Just 5 Steps

Make your own homemade pesto using a variety of herbs and vegetables. We’ll show you the right ingredients and recipe to whip up a delicious pesto all on your own. Read more

Unhealthy Foods cereal rice bread

Healthy Grocery List: 6 Unhealthy Foods to Cross Out

Some foods we think are healthy really aren’t. Avoiding these six foods is the right decision for our waistline – and our pocketbooks. Read more

Granola Bars Recipe: How to Make Them Quickly and Sustainably

Granola bars from supermarket shelves are often expensive, wrapped in a ton of plastic, and made with palm oil. If you want to eat healthy granola bars, then it’s best to make them yourself – with our quick and easy granola bar recipe. Read more

Magnum Ice Cream Non-Dairy Sea Salt Caramel Bars

Magnum Ice Cream Introduces Non-Dairy Sea Salt Caramel Bars

Joining Classic and Almond varieties, Magnum Non-Dairy Sea Salt Caramel Bars apparantly deliver “indulgent taste with a non-dairy sea salt caramel base dipped in a cracking non-dairy chocolate shell.” Read more

Ben & Jerry's: vegan ice-cream with sunflower butter

Ben & Jerry’s Launches First Non-Dairy Ice Cream Made of Sunflower Butter

Ben & Jerry's announces the debut of its new sunflower butter-based non-dairy frozen desserts. This new base mix is an alternative to the current almond-based lineup and is available in grocery stores and Scoop Shops across the US.  Read more

GFI Predicts Top 5 Alt Protein Trends for 2020

The Good Food Institute, an organisation which works with scientists, investors, and entrepreneurs and focuses on making clean meat and plant-based alternatives a reality for consumers, has released its top five alt protein predictions for 2020. Read more

vegan burger

USA: Gardein Presents the Ultimate Burger

Gardein is entering the meatlike vegan burger category with the Ultimate Beefless Burger. According to the manufacturer, Gardein's new veggie product promises a burger experience comparable to meat without compromises. Read more

nice cream teaser

Nice Cream Recipes: Vegan Banana Ice Cream in Five Minutes

Nice cream is vegan frozen banana ice cream that you can make in less than five minutes. Check out these four delicious nice cream recipes!  Read more