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how to freeze soup

Freezing Soup: Methods, Tips and Tricks

Freezing soup is a great way of ensuring you'll have nice dinners all winter long. We'll look at how to freeze soup and what you should pay attention to. Read more

types of cinnamon

Types of Cinnamon: Which is Best?

Cinnamon is the key ingredient in hot apple cider, speculoos cookies, and moroccan tagine, but this popular spice also has several important medical properties. Here, you’ll learn about the different types of cinnamon, so you can decide how to choose which cinnamon is best for you. Read more

fermented garlic

Fermenting Garlic: Recipe With 3 Ingredients

Fermenting garlic is the ideal way to make your cooking healthier and tastier. We'll show you, how to make fermented garlic from three ingredients! Read more

what is Konjac flour

Konjac Flour: Uses and Regional Alternatives

Used for both cooking and losing weight, we’ll take a look at the properties of Konjac flour and how it measures up in terms of sustainability. Read more

Vegan Wine

Why Wine Isn’t Always Vegan

Vegan wine? Surprisingly, wine isn't always suitable for vegans. We'll tell you why – and list some vegan wine brands here! Read more

vegan parmesan cheese recipe

Vegan Parmesan Cheese Recipe: How to Make It Yourself

Vegan Parmesan is in no way inferior in taste to ordinary cheese. With only four ingredients you can make it yourself — our recipe shows you how easy it is. Read more

Fermented black garlic blackened cloves new taste flavor uses health benefits

Fermented Black Garlic: The Trend, Uses, and Health Benefits

Fermented black garlic is the newest trend-ingredient in home cooking and high-end cuisine. Here's what the blackened garlic trend is all about. Read more

Balanced Meal

Balanced Meal Tips: 10 Rules for a Healthy Diet

Eating a balanced meal is important when it comes to a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. Use our ten tips to help you create a balanced menu! Read more