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how to make banana chips

How To Make Banana Chips at Home

Making your own baked banana chips at home is easy. The homemade version is much healthier than anything you’ll find at the supermarket, because it does not contain added fat and sugar. We'll show you how to make banana chips in a few simple steps. Read more

Impossible Foods new pork product

Impossible Foods Announces Impossible Pork and a Burger King Sausage Croissant

Impossible Foods announced it is introducing an Impossible Pork product which CEO Pat Brown refers to in a video  as a “pivotal moment” for the company. Read more

Easy healthy meal prep ideas

Healthy Meal Prep Ideas: Easy Meal Planning Tips

Utopia will show you what the new meal prep health trend has in store and how you can bring your own ideas for homemade ready-made meals to life. Read more

56% of Americans Are Likely Reducing Meat as a New Year Resolution

56% of Americans Are Likely Reducing Meat as a New Year Resolution

Independent research firm Dynata gauged US consumers’ attitudes toward eating meat-free meals in a study commissioned by The Meatless Farm. The researchers concluded, amongst other things, that there is a direct relationship between self-improvement and eating less meat. Read more

how to freeze spinach

How to Freeze Spinach: Preserving Freshness

Do you have leftover fresh spinach that you don’t know what to do with? Freeze it! We’ll show you how to freeze spinach, and give you some tips about things to watch out for.  Read more

Eat fruits and vegetables conscious meal planning

Veganuary 2020 Will Save CO2 eq of 450,000 Flights and Over One Million Animals

Veganuary has released new statistics which show that if 350,000 people worldwide go vegan for January 2020 it will save the carbon dioxide equivalent of 450,000 flights and more than one million animals. Read more

Beyond Meat: Vegan chicken

Beyond Meat to Launch Plant-Based Poultry Products in 2020

Ethan Brown has stated that in 2020 his company, Beyond Meat Inc, will introduce plantbased poultry products, including a whole muscle breast tissue. Read more

how to freeze bananas

How to Freeze Bananas: Tips and Recipe Ideas

Have you let your bananas get too brown to eat, again? Don’t throw them away! We’ll show you how to freeze bananas properly, and how to use frozen bananas to make delicious desserts. Read more