Can You Eat Banana Peels? Tips and What to Look out For

You can you eat banana peels.
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Can you eat banana peels and are they good for you? Instead of tossing the banana skin in the trash, read on to find out why they may be good for you and how you can eat them.

Bananas are American’s favorite fruit; even the beloved apple comes in second place on the list of the most sold fruits in America. Bananas are a great source of vitamin B-6, vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, and manganese.

The banana peel was once thought to be a cause of indigestion. Some nutritionists today, however, believe you should eat banana peels for their high fiber content to actually aid the digestion process.

Because it’s custom in America to throw away the banana peel, little is known about the benefits of eating banana peels. However, a 2018 study suggests that eating banana peels may be a good source of phytosterols, a plant compound that might help you lower your cholesterol.

The USDA says Americans waste 30% to 40% of the food they buy, so maybe it’s time we save the banana peel from landfills — like so many other savvy countries with sweet and savory cuisines.

How You Can Eat Banana Peels: 3 Recipe Ideas

You can eat banana peels in smoothies. They go great with other fruits.
You can eat banana peels in smoothies. They go great with other fruits. (Foto: CC0 / Pixabay / silviarita)

Wondering how you can eat banana peels? Here are three recipe ideas that make great use of banana peels.

1. Simple Smoothie Recipe

Bananas taste a lot sweeter when they’re frozen. Wondering how to freeze bananas correctly? Check out our guide on how to freeze bananas including some additional recipe ideas. You can toss a whole banana and its peel into the blender, add a cup of water, orange juice, or oat milk, and whip up a refreshing smoothie in no time.

2. Vegan Carne Mechada

Boil, shred and then sauté your banana peels to cook up a delicious vegan pulled pork alternative often eaten in Venezuela.

3. Indian Chutney

Chutney is a delectable accompaniment (not to call it a sauce) found next to many South Indian dishes. Impress your friends with your culinary and sustainability skills by soaking six or so banana peels in cold water before simmering them in a mix of spices.

The Danger of Eating Banana Peels

Although banana peels are not harmful in themselves, if you don’t make sure to buy organic bananas and wash the banana peels thoroughly before you cook them, you can risk ingesting some of the chemicals used in pesticides stuck on the peel.

Tip: wash all your produce before you store it away. Those fruits and veggies made a long journey from the farm to your fridge, and you never know what might be stuck to their skin.

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