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Cold Showers As an Effective Home Remedy for Dry Hair

home remedies for dry hair
Foto: CC0 / Unsplash / Niklas Hamann

A dry hair problem? You don’t need to buy expensive hair products to achieve flawless healthy hair! We’ll give you nine home remedies for dry hair that will give your locks their healthy shine back in no time.

1. A Balanced Diet

Omega 3 supplements with a balanced diet can help with dry hair.
Omega 3 supplements with a balanced diet can help with dry hair. (Foto: CC0 / Pixabay / stevepb)

A nutritious, balanced diet is the cornerstone of long-term well-being. Ensuring you are getting the right vitamins through your diet will definitely help keep your hair in good condition.

Vitamin A, vitamin C, biotin (aka vitamin H), and iron will all contribute to healthier hair.

Proteins found in fish are also great for your hair, as they can help make it look glossy and vibrant. If you don’t like the taste of fish, omega-3 supplements are easy to find at the supermarket or drug store and will have the same effect.

Consider boosting your intake of antioxidants as this will counteract oxidative stress, which makes hair look older. Some antioxidant-rich foods include walnuts, broccoli, tomatoes, kidney beans, and blueberries.

Looking for more foods that will help keep you looking and feeling great? Check out: Nutrition Secrets: Foods That Are Good for Skin, Hair, and Nails

2. Don’t Shampoo Everyday

Some shampoos will just make your dry hair problem worse.
Some shampoos will just make your dry hair problem worse. (Foto: CC0 / Pixabay / jackmac34)

Pretty simple really. Many conventional shampoos contain harsh chemicals that will only work on drying out your hair, more or less depending on your hair type. Shampooing your hair too often strips it of its natural oils and moisture and doesn’t allow it to recover its natural body and bounce.

If you can’t go a day without washing, try to find a good organic shampoo formulated specifically for dry hair. Baby shampoo for example can be a good option since it contains very mild cleansing agents that won’t strip your hair of its natural oil completely.

Looking for shampoo minus all the harsh chemicals? Try making your own No-Poo Shampoo at home!

3. Regular Trimming

Trim your hair regularly to keep it healthy.
Trim your hair regularly to keep it healthy. (Foto: CC0 / Pixabay / kaleido-dp)

So-called split or ‘dead ends’ lead to dry and damaged hair as they cause your hair to become brittle and rough. When the damaged ends hook onto one another and onto other hair strands, your hair becomes knottier, which means more aggressive brushing, which only means more damage.

Even if your hair isn’t very long, split ends can make hair hard to style and dry to the touch. You can trim at home easily, but if in doubt about your hair-styling prowess, just visit your stylist instead. While you’re there, you could ask for some good professional tips that may help your particular hair type and length. They can also outline a new styling routine for you to keep your hair healthy.

4. Lock In Moisture

Wrap your hair to prevent moisture loss after showering.
Wrap your hair to prevent moisture loss after showering. (Foto: CC0 / Pixabay / Victoria_Borodinova)

In the winter especially, the heated spaces in our homes can become very dry, which is only going to assist in keeping your hair dry and straw-like. An easy home remedy for dry hair is to simply wrap your head in a clean towel after showering and let your hair rest for an hour or so. This will help to lock in moisture rather than allowing it to be lost to ambient heat in the home.

If you like to sleep with your hair wet, use an organic silk pillowcase to keep moisture from getting absorbed by the pillows.

5. Reduce Use of Hair Dryers and Heat Stylers

Keep the heat treatments to a minimum
Keep the heat treatments to a minimum (Foto: CC0 / Pixabay / Jo_Johnston)

Another easy way to help remedy your dry hair is to limit your use of electric blow dryers and heat stylers. The high heat levels produced by these appliances are not very helpful if you have a dry hair problem, and overdoing their use is only going to make your problem worse.

Your curling iron or straightener might have been your faithful companion for years, but it may also be the reason behind your dry hair. Excessive blow-drying can cause significant damage to your hair over the long term, so if you’re going to blow-dry your hair, keep the dryer at least 6 inches away from your hair to avoid over-drying.

There are so many great DIY all-natural hair & beauty products you can make at home. Find out more here: Homemade Conditioner: Three All-Natural DIY Recipes 

6. Take Cold Showers

Cold showers will help fight dry hair.
Cold showers will help fight dry hair. (Foto: CC0 / Pixabay / songjayjay)

A cold shower may not sound like fun, but it is an easy (and cheap) home remedy for dry hair. Cold showers help increase blood flow and circulation, which encourages hair growth. Hot water can actually scald your hair, so a lower water temperature could be the key to fighting your dry hair problem. After shampooing and conditioning, you should always rinse off with cold water for a couple of minutes to reinvigorate hair strands and your scalp at the same time.

7. Try Essential Oils

Essential oils will definitely help maintain healthy hair.
Essential oils will definitely help maintain healthy hair. (Foto: CC0 / Pixabay / stevepb)

Organic essential oils like argan oil, lavender, and peppermint are great home remedies for dry hair. They can be helpful against an itchy scalp and are effective at keeping your hair healthy and well moisturized. After showering or shampooing, adding a little oil evenly to your hair will quickly give you a desirable result. You can repeat the process as often as you like. Argan oil is ideal for the ends of your hair, giving them a more lustrous appearance. Peppermint and lavender oil may help stop hair loss and prevent breakage.

Dry hair and a dry scalp often go hand-in-hand. Here we show you to make your own dry scalp remedy: Dry Scalp: These Remedies Help Treat an Itchy Scalp

8. Put On A Hat

Wearing a hat will protect your hair from harsh weather.
Wearing a hat will protect your hair from harsh weather. (Foto: CC0 / Pixabay / SnapwireSnaps)

Whether dealing with the cold of winter or the heat of spring and summer, wearing a hat is going to help protect your hair from drying out by protecting it from the natural elements. Ultraviolet rays can damage your hair in the same way they damage your skin. By wearing a hat during your outdoor activities, you can avoid prolonged sun exposure. If your hair has already been exposed to harsh UV rays and feels dry, applying some soothing aloe vera gel will help repair it naturally.

The extreme cold that often dries your skin can also affect your hair in the same way. Wearing a headscarf, hat, or beanie on those crisp winter walks will keep your hair well-protected.

9. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is another great home remedy for dry hair
Coconut oil is another great home remedy for dry hair (Foto: CC0 / Pixabay / monicore)

Packed full of beneficial nutrients and soothing oil, coconut oil is a simple and widely available home remedy for dry hair. Just a small amount goes a long way to moisturize your hair and keep the follicles healthy.

Reas on: How To Use Coconut Oil for Your Hair: 3 Tips

Coconut oil is a natural emollient, which means it is packed with moisturizing qualities that are particularly good at penetrating hair fibers and in the process, reinvigorating tired, dry hair. With weekly use, coconut oil can improve the overall appearance of your hair.

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