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DIY Bath Salt: Homemade Bath Salts Recipe

DIY bath salt - homemade bath salts recipe
Photo: CC0 Public Domain / Pixabay - Kinga Strzelczyk

We will show you a quick and easy DIY bath salt recipe you can put together as a personal gift for your loved ones. Homemade bath salts don’t contain any chemicals – and you decide on the fragrance.

To pamper your partner (or yourself!), you don’t have to book a weekend wellness getaway in an exclusive spa. A cheaper and more personal option is a bottle of DIY bath salt. We will show you how you can easily bring a little spa atmosphere and relaxation into your bathroom.

DIY Bath Salt with Flowers and Oils

This homemade bath salts recipe will make one bottle. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1 lb. Epsom or sea salt
  • Dried flowers or petals (rose and lavender work best)
  • Organic essential oils
  • Decorative glass jars with lids
DIY bath salt
DIY bath salt makes a great gift for friends, family, or simply for yourself. You can personalize it to work for anyone. (Photo: CC0 Public Domain / Pexels - Elly Fairytale )

Epsom salt (magnesium sulphate) has traditionally been used for detox treatments and is said to bring your body’s magnesium levels into balance. Having the proper amount of magnesium should result in restful sleep, less frequent headaches, reduce stress, and help with constipation. These claims are not currently backed by hard science – but a long, relaxing bath is good for the soul regardless. You can get the base ingredients for DIY bath salts in health food stores or online (on Amazon**).

1. The Salt

The first step of your DIY bath salt recipe is to pour the salt into a pretty glass jar. Jars left over from canning or preserves are ideal, however, jam jars, pickle jars or any other ones you happen to have can also work. It is important to choose an airtight container, otherwise, the homemade bath salt will attract humidity and start to clump.

2. Essential Oils

DIY bath salt - homemade bath salts recipe
Choose your favorite scents to add to your homemade bath salts recipe. (Photo: CC0 Public Domain / Pixabay - Monfocus )

Add a few drops of essential oil to your salt – five to ten depending on the preferred intensity of the fragrance.

Stir carefully until no lumps are visible in your DIY bath salt and the oil has spread well.

What scents to use? How about a calming scent of eucalyptus? (You’ll find a USDA-certified brand on Amazon**.) Or do you prefer orange, ylang ylang, bergamot, or lavender? There are hundreds of fragrances for you to try.

3. Add Flowers and Spices

Add the dried flowers, petals, or spices to your DIY bath salt mixture. Feel free to experiment with colors and scents. Dried peppermint, lavender, rose petals, chamomile, or lime tree blossom are great choices when it comes to homemade bath salts. 

4. Packaging Your DIY Bath Salt

Seal your jar of homemade bath salts, making sure it’s airtight. Add a personalized label or a bow to make it extra special.

This article has been translated from German by Karen Stankiewicz. You can read the original here: Badesalz selber machen: Geschenk mit natürlichen Zutaten

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