How to Get Rid of Dry Cough: Natural Home Remedies

How to get rid of dry cough home remedies
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Wondering how to get rid of dry cough with only a handful of natural home ingredients? Effective home remedies for dry coughs range from honey to natural herbs. Put them to proper use and start breathing easy again.

What is Dry Cough?

Dry cough is a type of nonproductive cough that does not produce phlegm or mucus. Potential causes include allergens such as pollen, dust or smoke particles, but also viruses and bacteria present at the onset of a cold. Dry cough usually sets in in the beginning stages of a cold or flu, before your body starts producing phlegm.

Coughing is the body’s natural reaction to blocked breathing passages. It’s a protective reflex which helps clear the airways of foreign particles, fluids or other irritants. During coughing, the larynx closes, muscles used in respiration contract and air is released from the lungs at a speed of close to 300 miles per hour.

If you have a case of dry cough, before considering which home remedy to use, keep in mind that is quite important to stay properly hydrated. Only once you know you’re getting enough fluids and still do not feel better after a few days, get rid of dry cough with the following home remedies.

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Proven Dry Cough Home Remedies: Honey

How to get rid of dry cough honey home remedies
Honey is one of the most effective scientifically proven home remedies for dry cough (Photo: CC0 Public Domain / Pixabay - stevepb)

Studies have shown that honey is among the most effective home remedies for dry coughs. This is primarily attributed to honey’s antioxidative and antibacterial properties. Scientists also suspect that darker honeys are even more effective than lighter types. Here’s how to get rid of dry cough using honey as a natural home remedy:

  • Take one to two tablespoons of honey before going to bed.
  • You can also stir a tablespoon or two of honey into your tea.
  • Babies younger than a year should not be given honey. This contains bacteria that baby’s digestive systems aren’t yet mature enough to handle.

This dry cough remedy may well do the trick. However, colds often bring with them a number of additional symptoms such as headaches, congestion and soar throats. Here are some headache home remedies and natural home remedies for colds may help in providing some comforting relief to the most common cold symptoms and keep your sniffling suffering to a minimum.

How to Get Rid of Dry Cough: Sage Steam Therapy

Home remedies for dry cough sage
The natural dry cough remedy of inhaling sage can be applied multiple times a day. (Photo: CC0 Public Domain / Pixabay - congerdesign)

Steam inhalation is a proven home remedy for dry cough and one of the most widely used cough therapies out there. The simplest way is with a steam inhaler. However, another method is just as effective: Fill a bowl with hot water, lay a towel over your head and breathe in slowly and deliberately. This form of steam therapy home remedy should be performed three to four times a day depending on the severity of your cough.

When it comes to dry cough, we recommend inhalation with a sage infusion. This method is aimed at dampening the mucus, thus easing cough symptoms. This is done in part due to the antimicrobial essential oils contained in sage.

Here’s how to get rid of dry cough using this home remedy:

  • If you don’t happen to own a steam inhaler, place a couple sage leaves (fresh or dried) into a bowl of hot water.
  • With a towel over your head, inhale the steam while taking big breaths.
  • You can use this home remedy for dry cough every three hours as needed.
  • Important for use with small children: You should be present whenever your kids inhale steam from hot water to avoid accidental burns.

Other remedies: Make your own all-natural dry cough remedy in the form of a homemade cough syrup using honey and onions (this takes a bit longer and requires a bit of planning ahead). Also be sure to explore the cold-preventing benefits of ginger in the form of ginger tea or ginger water to give your immune system an added boost this flu season.

Home Remedy with English Plantain 

Home remedies how to get rid of dry cough english plantain plant
This dry cough home remedy can be prepared as a syrup – just remember to plan quite a ways ahead! (Photo: CC0 Public Domain / Pixabay - cornelinux)

The flowering plant English plantain (also known as the ribleaf or buckhorn) contains tanning agents that stabilize the irritated mucous membrane and help to treat symptoms of dry cough. This helps to explain English plantain’s long-established reputation as an effective home remedy for dry cough.

English plantain is common ingredient in a variety of different medicines. You can also use the plant in its unprocessed form as a home remedy for dry cough. Here’s how:

English plantain tea:

  1. Place four to five fresh English plantain leaves (pick your own from May through August) or two teaspoons of dried English plantain leaves into your cup.
  2. Add boiling water.
  3. Let steep for around 15 minutes and enjoy. If you have not gotten rid of the dry cough after a couple of days, you should see a doctor.

Preparation as a syrup:

In order to prepare this dry cough home remedy, you’ll need to begin planning two months ahead of time.

  1. Wash two handfuls of English plantain thoroughly.
  2. Cut the leaves into pieces around an inch in size.
  3. Place a half inch stack of these leaves into a sterilized resealable glass jar.
  4. For the next step, alternate between placing a layer of English plantain and a layer of sugar into the jar. Each new layer of sugar should cover the previous layer of English plantain leaves completely. The last and final layer should be one of sugar.
  5. Press down firmly with a spoon.
  6. Store the jar in a dark place for two months.
  7. Once the two months are up, place the glass jar into a bowl of water to warm it up.
  8. Add lemon juice and a bit of boiled water. Mix together thoroughly.
  9. Strain the mixture one final time before pouring it back into another disinfected glass jar.
  10. Whenever you begin to experience the telltale signs of dry cough, put this home remedy to use and get rid of it as quickly as it came on.

More Natural Home Remedies

Another potent dry cough home remedy is onion juice with rock candy sugar:

  1. For this home remedy for dry cough, dice an onion and cook at low heat together with some rock sugar.
  2. Filter out the juice from the mixture through a kitchen towel. This dry cough home remedy you can take by the spoon. Its contents help to relieve inflammation and irritation of the bronchial tubes and treat coughs.

Good to know: If you don’t have any sugar at hand, you can also use honey for this natural home remedy for dry cough.

How to Get Rid of Dry Cough: Natural Home Remedies
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