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Headache Home Remedies That Really Work

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Need a natural remedy for a splitting headache? Luckily there are a number of simple household tips and tricks for headache relief – we’ve outlined these headache home remedies for you below.

The Most Common Headache Causes

headache home remedies: causes
Headaches often have not one, but a number of common root causes including stress, sleep deprivation and psychological stress. (Photo: CCo Public Domain / Unsplash - Matteo Vistocco)

Headaches can often be caused by a number of triggers simultaneously, making it next to impossible to pinpoint the exact cause of headaches. Before you make the choice for one headache home remedy or the other, try and consider these three most common risk factors:

  • Tension: Tense neck muscles alone can lead to headaches. The body’s own protection mechanisms unleash pain in order to keep you from damaging this critical area.
  • Lack of sleep: The body regenerates during sleep. If you’re not getting enough sleep, the body builds up stress, resulting in an increased chance of illness and headaches.
  • Stress: Psychological stress causes tension and thus can be a trigger for tension headaches.

Headache Home Remedies: 9 Tips

Headache home remedies: fresh air
Fresh air can be a great headache home remedy. (Photo: CCo Public Domain / Unsplash - Radu Florin)

Sometimes headache relief is as simple as getting outside and grabbing some fresh air.All too often we reach for pain meds when it comes to headache relief. Doubts concerning their side effects shouldn’t be taken lightly.

The following nine all-natural headache home remedies can alleviate pain caused by headaches without any negative side effects:

  • Take a break and get some fresh air. Your brain gets an oxygen boost, and your eyes can relax.
  • Drink a glass of tap water or a cup of tea to keep your fluids in balance and dehydration at bay.
  • Lie down with your eyes closed and try to relax, or even try to take a short nap.
  • Massaging your neck and your temples and applying targeted pressure to tense areas makes for a great headache home remedy.
  • Deep relaxation through yoga, meditation, or mindfulness exercises can reduce the risk of headache generally by removing the fodder for anxiety.
  • Take deep breaths; hold your breath for a short moment and try to breathe as slowly as possible. This is not only relaxing, but also feeds your brain more oxygen.
  • Alternating between hot and cold water while showering can stimulate your blood circulation, resulting in greater blood flow to the head. It’s enough to run both hot and cold water over your calf muscles.
  • Targeted heat can loosen neck tension. Hot water bottles, a heated pillow or heating pad, or even a warm, wet towel can all have positive effects.
  • Peppermint oil is one headache home  remedy that can interrupt pain transmission. Apply a few drops to your temples and forehead.

As you can see, there are quite a few simple headache home remedies that can provide you with genuine headache relief without any need for medication. However, if your headache persists, troubles you frequently or gets worse, you should always consult a doctor.

– By Krystian Manthey

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