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How to Make Candied Ginger at Home

how to make candied ginger

Making candied or crystallized ginger is a simple, straightforward process that requires only a few ingredients and tools. Read on to follow this simple recipe.

Use fresh ginger to make candied ginger at home
Use fresh ginger to make candied ginger at home (Foto: CC0 / Pixabay / jmexclusives)

Making candied or crystallized ginger at home is a very simple process. The flavors are even more pronounced when you make this treat at home versus buying it in a store pre-made. You can store candied ginger for many months, or use it as a homemade birthday or Christmas gift.

Preparing the Ingredients for Candied Ginger

You will only need a few items to make candied ginger:

Fresh ingredients

  • fresh ginger root
  • sugar
  • water
  • salt


  • cutting board
  • sharp knife or mandolin
  • vegetable peeler or spoon
  • pot
  • strainer
  • measuring cup
  • cooling rack
  • baking tray

How to Make Candied Ginger

Boil ginger twice to achieve the best tasting candy
Boil ginger twice to achieve the best tasting candy (Foto: CC0 / Pixabay / MYCCF)

Follow this simple recipe to make candied ginger:

  1. Peel the ginger root either by hand with the vegetable peeler or using a spoon.
  2. Cut into bite-size pieces using a sharp knife or a mandolin.
  3. Place the pieces into the pot and submerge in water.
  4. Boil the ginger in water for about 10 minutes. This helps to soften it and will remove some of the bitter tang.
  5. After boiling, strain the ginger through the strainer.
  6. Place the strained ginger back in the pot. Using a measuring cup, begin to add water until the ginger is submerged again. Count how many cups of water you needed. The exact amount will depend on the size of your pot and on how much candied ginger you are making.
  7. Now add the same amount of sugar to the ginger and water. (Example: If you used 3 cups of water to submerge the ginger, you will now need to add 3 cups of sugar). Add a pinch of salt.
  8. Bring the pot to boil, reduce the heat to medium and simmer for 30 minutes.
  9. Drain the ginger. (Tip: If you collect the syrup from the boiled ginger, you can use it for baking or as an addition to a drink.)
  10. Place a cooling rack over a baking tray. Carefully place the boiled ginger on the rack and let them cool for about 2 hours.
  11. Toss the ginger in a bowl of sugar until they are coated and put back onto the cooling rack. Let sit overnight.
  12. Store in an airtight container or give as gifts. If stored, ginger can be kept for several months.

The Many Benefits of Ginger

You can also use ginger to make tea or ginger water.
You can also use ginger to make tea or ginger water. (Foto: CC0 / Pixabay / congerdesign)

Ginger has various health benefits and has been used for its medicinal properties. Drinking ginger tea has been commonly known to reduce nausea, such as morning sickness, aid digestion and reduce gas, and may help alleviate cold and flu symptoms.  Some studies claim ginger has antiviral effects, while others claim it has anti-inflammatory properties that could be used topically.

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