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farm animal rescue

The 10 Coolest Farm Animal Rescue Sites in the US

Every year, farm animal rescue takes place all across the United States. In this article, we'll take a look at some incredible farm rescue sites across the country. Read more

rice alternative

20 Rice Alternatives for Any Diet or Dish

Trying to cut down on rice? Learn about rice alternatives you can use in dishes ranging from soups and salads to curries, risotto, dumplings and stir-fries. Read more

vegan dating apps

The Best Vegan Dating Apps of 2022

Vegan dating apps are a way to connect with like-minded people and create special connections without worrying about food choices. Here are the best vegan dating apps of 2022. Read more

thrift flip

Thrift Flip: How-To for 3 Sustainable Summer Looks

Here are some easy summer thrift flips: Transform your old clothes into super fashionable garments you can wear all summer long (and all following summers, of course) by following these three tutorials. Read more

little more vegan

10 Tips To Become a Little More Vegan in Your Everyday Life

Transitioning to a vegan lifestyle can seem like a daunting challenge, but it doesn't have to be. We'll give you ten tips to become a little more vegan in your daily life. Read more

Vegan frittata

Easy Vegan Frittata Recipe + 3 Variations

This easy vegan frittata recipe is the perfect plant-based meal to use up the vegetables in your fridge. Enjoy it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! Read more

raw garlic health benefits

Health Benefits of Raw and Cooked Garlic

Garlic is used in cooking for both its flavor and diverse range of health benefits. We'll look at some health benefits of raw garlic, and make some suggestions for recipe ideas. Read more

shoudn't dispose of in paper trash

5 Things You Shouldn’t Dispose Of In Paper Trash

Not all paper is recyclable, so it's important to learn which products you shouldn't dispose of in paper trash. Create a green routine using the following tips. Read more