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The Best Vegan Dating Apps of 2022

vegan dating apps
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Vegan dating apps are a way to connect with like-minded people and create special connections without worrying about food choices. Here are the best vegan dating apps of 2022.

Vegan dating apps do exactly what they say on the tin: they are dating sites to get to know other vegans in your area looking for friends or a special someone to connect with. They eliminate awkward first-date dinner conversations about being vegan, so you don’t have to discuss your diet with someone who may not get it or respect your choices — veganism is something you’ll automatically have in common!

Dating can be difficult enough without the added element of wondering if your date will want to eat the tofu dinner you made or share a meat-free meal at a restaurant. Life is a little easier when you share your food and cook with a partner, as food is a major way that humans connect with each other. Vegan dating apps make the first step for you, giving you common ground even before you meet in person. So, you can concentrate on just looking for sparks.

We’ve compiled a few popular vegan dating apps to help you start your vegan dating journey.


Vegpal is a new app launched in 2021 by founders Dahlia and Sravan, aiming to bring vegans together from all around the world. Vegpal considers your plant-based lifestyle based on core values you hold dear to your heart. It’s a community and dating app, so if you’re looking for new friends to share your interests, it’s the app to try.

Vegpal’s website has a blog where members share their experiences and articles about cooking, friendships and the vegan lifestyle. This site has everything to make you feel like you’re part of a true community. Vegpal is also proudly inclusive of all genders and sexual orientations, making it a safe space for everyone.

The Vegpal app is free to download and use. You complete a short application process to build your profile and then begin matching. It’s got a friendly and clean user interface, making the app simple and practical for everyday searching.


Grazer is an app for people who want their friends and partners to be plant lovers too. The founders of Grazer, Lewis Foster and Charlotte Elizabeth, created the popular site in early 2021 to help people meet plant-based partners online. The founders of Grazer have spoken about wanting to develop a vegan dating app because their own experiences trying to find dates with plant-based diets were difficult and frustrating without such apps.

Grazer is free to download and use but also has a $0.99 paid membership called “2nd Chance,” which gives you the option to see your previous swipes. It has a colorful-yet-clean and simple style and is a great app to keep on your smartphone if you want to check it and chat throughout the week. Their app works on iOS and Android.


Alex Felipelli launched Veggly in 2018, and it quickly became a popular site for meeting like-minded vegans and vegetarians looking for love. This vegan dating app now has over one million matches and 300,000+ users.

The app was developed with the understanding that vegans and vegetarians prefer to date like-minded people who share the same core values and was one of the first vegan dating sites to really boom. It also has a blog section where you can read love success stories that happened because of Veggly.

It is straightforward and the process is similar to many other dating sites. You sign up, get started and swipe if you’re interested in your potential date’s bio. Veggly is free to download and use and offers a paid upgraded version starting at $5.58 per month for those who want to use it more intensely to find their vegan love.

Lots of vegan dating apps are out there for people looking for partners who share their values.
Lots of vegan dating apps are out there for people looking for partners who share their values. (Foto: CC0 / Pixabay / pixel2013)

Dating as a vegan can be challenging when trying to find someone who shares your values in a sea of different lifestyles. Vegan dating apps help narrow your dating pool down so you can focus on what you really need from a respective partner.

There are many more vegan dating apps and dating sites out there, such as Green Singles, which has been around since 1996, VeggieConnection, TofuTogether and FindVegLove, all with different approaches to connecting people. Like dating, you may have to try a few to find the best app that works for you and your lifestyle.

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