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Sustainable Swimwear: 10 Ethical Bathing Suit Brands

sustainable and ethical swimwear
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Summer is here and has us dreaming of pools, lakes and beaches. We’ve rounded up some of the best sustainable and ethical North American swimwear brands for all shapes and sizes.

Now that the temperatures are starting to heat up, you’re probably thinking about spending days by the pool, chilling out lakeside, or heading to the beach. Your old swimsuit may need replacing, but before you head to your nearest big-box store for a cheap new suit, why not check out these sustainable swimwear brands? 

When it comes to ethical fashion, you get what you pay for. By investing in sustainable swimwear, you help support the environment and you”ll have a top-quality piece that will last much longer than a conventional product. Plus, shopping ethically means that all the way up the supply chain, the people making the products are treated properly and compensated fairly for their work. It’s a win-win!

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1. Reformation: A Carbon Neutral Company

Price: $58 – $128
Size: XS – XL
Products: One-pieces, Sustainable Bikini Tops and Bottoms

Swimwear is actually just a small part of what the LA-based Reformation sells. They have a great selection including sustainable bikini tops and bottoms to mix and match. Their swimwear line is made of Econyl, which is a nylon fabric made from plastic bottles. All of Reformation’s products are made in their LA factory, where they can make sure that working conditions are fair. Reformation is currently a carbon-neutral company and aim to be carbon positive by 2025! 

2. Minnow Bathers: Sustainable Bikinis and Swimsuits from Canada  

Price: $30 CAD – $180 CAD 
Size: XS – XL 
Products: One Pieces, Bikini Tops and Bottoms, and Swim Tops

This Canadian company is all about ethical production, which is why their products are all handmade in Toronto using recycled plastic materials. Minnow Bathers use digital printing for their fabric to avoid excess dye waste and use high-quality recycled spandex. They donate $1 from each sale to Ocean Conservancy to help protect the world’s oceans. Additionally, a portion of sales is donated to animal and human rights organizations throughout the year. For a sustainable swimwear summer surprise (try saying that 3 times fast!), buy their surprise grab bag. 

3. Vitamin A: Buying Local  

Price: $54 – $265
Size: 4 (XS) – 14 (DD)
Products: Tops, Bottoms, One Pieces, Wraps & Coverups

This Laguna Beach-based company proves that ethical and sustainable swimwear doesn’t have to compromise on style. Vitamin A has a gorgeous range of colors and styles — there is a bathing suit out there for everyone. All of their swimwear is produced in the USA, and the majority is made directly in California itself. They believe that domestic production supports the economy, ensures US labor laws are enforced and results in a much greener supply chain. Vitamin A started out using EcoLux (a fabric the owner specifically created), which is the first premium swim fabric made from recycled nylon fibers. Now they incorporate organic cotton, linen, recycled cotton and Tencel. All materials used are certified to meet the Oeko Tex standard for safe materials. 

4. BOLD Swim: Inclusive Bathing Suits  

Price: $125 – $185 
Size: XS – XXXL
Products: Bikinis and Once Pieces

Big shoutout to BOLD Swim for being sustainable and inclusive! Their ethical swimwear is made of Oeko Tex certified Amni Soul Eco®. This biodegradable fabric breaks down within 5 years instead of the standard 50 years for synthetics. BOLD Swim produces a very small collection to limit excessive production, and they’ve partnered with manufacturing teams in Brazil to ensure they recycle and donate any usable fabric to local artisans as part of a shared economy. BOLD swim sells their sustainable bikinis and swimsuits in pairs, so if you want to mix and match, you’d better buy two! 

5. Hakuna Wear: Small Batch Sustainable Swimwear

Price: $59 – $179
Size: XS – XL
Products: One Pieces, Surf Suits, Sustainable Bikini Tops and Bottoms, Men’s Board Shorts, and Rash Guards

Finally, an option for men! Hakuna Wear is based in Oceanside, California and makes all their swimwear out of recycled plastics and plant-based neoprene. This sustainable swimsuit brand makes many of their small-batch products in California, though some are also responsibly created in both Thailand and China. If you find your swimwear has started to wear and tear, they offer a “ding repair policy” to help keep their suits in circulation — don’t replace something that can be repaired! They sell recycled board shorts for both men and women alike. Plus, their sustainable bikini tops are reversible, giving you two options with one purchase!

6. Londre: Ethical and Sustainable Swimwear

Price: $49 – $180 
Size: XS – 5XL
Products: One Pieces, Tops, Bottoms 

Vancouver-based Londre is absolutely crushing the sustainable swimwear game. All the water used in production is able to be reused as there are no harmful chemicals involved in the production process, and their suits are recyclable at the end of their life (plus they’ll give you a 20% discount off your next purchase). If that hasn’t hooked you, they also repair any issues you have within the first year of purchase and compensate you for it! Londre’s textile factory is Oeko Tex 100 Certified, and their products are made in Vancouver where their employees are paid well above living wage. To cap it all off, they donate to environmental and women’s health initiatives. What we love most? Their one piece bathing suits can transition from beach to evening wear, just throw on a skirt or a pair of trousers and you are dinner-ready.

7. Jessica Rey: Vintage Inspired Ethical Swimwear

Price: $31 – $118
Size: XS – 1X 
Products: Tankinis, Swim Dresses — not a bikini in sight!

Looking for a sustainable swimsuit brand with a vintage twist? Jessica Rey Swimwear will be right up your alley. Inspired by all things Audrey Hepburn, you’ll love these playfully modest suits. The designs are cut and sewn in LA where all employees are paid living wages, and they release new swimsuits almost every week. All of their sustainable swimwear is made using Italian fabrics made from recycled fish nets, so you’re helping to keep the oceans clean too!

8. Outerknown: Sustainable Swim Trunks

Price: $68 – $145
Size: S – XXL
Products: Men’s Swim Trunks

Another sustainable swimsuit brand for men, and this time, exclusively. Outerknown sells many products other than just ethical swimwear, but sustainability is at the heart of the company. Their trunks are made in certified Fair Trade factories using recycled fibers, with the goal of reaching full circularity by 2030. The swim trunks come in 4 different styles, and in practically every color of the rainbow. Additionally, their Apex trunks have been tried and tested by 11-time world surf champion, Kelly Slater, so you know they’re good!

9. Seea: Sustainable Surfwear

Price: $70 – $250
Size: XS – XL
Products: Rashguards, Swim Tanks, Bikini Tops and Bottoms, Surf Suits, One Pieces, and Leggings

Not only can you find yourself a great sustainable and ethical swimsuit at Seea, you can also shop for the little ladies in your life. They have a mini girls range for ages 0 – 14 full of gorgeous colors and styles. All of their products are produced in the USA using recycled materials like Yulex®, Recover®, Econyl® Yarn, and Reprieve®. While they know they aren’t 100% perfect when it comes to sustainability, they’re constantly learning, growing and adapting to keep our planet safe!

10. Galamaar: Sustainable Swimwear from Recycled Fishnets

Price: $122 – $276
Size: XS – XL
Products: One Pieces, Sustainable Bikini Tops and Bottoms

LA-based Galamaar makes all their sustainable swimwear in a small family-owned and operated facility right in the city. The nylon fabric they use for their suits is made from recycled fishnets that were pulled from the ocean, and are designed to last. Galamaar has a great selection of colors and styles, which may make your decision even harder!

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