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egg wash

Egg Wash Recipe to Preserve Fruit and Vegetables

Egg washes give bread rolls and pastries a shiny finish. But did you know they also keep fruits fresh longer? Take a look at this five-minute recipe. Read more

how to freeze rhubarb

How to Freeze Rhubarb Fresh or Blanched

In this guide, we'll show you how to freeze rhubarb so that you can store it correctly and increase its shelf life. You can freeze it either fresh or blanched. Read more

how to preserve garlic

How to Preserve Garlic: 2 Simple Methods

Learning how to preserve garlic means you'll always have this common ingredient on hand. Here are two simple step-by-step methods to avoid food waste. Read more

reuse tea bags

10 Ways to Reuse Tea Bags

Reusing tea bags is an easy way to make your daily tea break more sustainable. Prevent waste and get double the benefits from your tea by following these simple tips. Read more

How to store mushrooms.

The Ultimate How-To Guide For Storing Mushrooms

Storing mushrooms doesn't have to be hard. Store your supermarket-bought or freshly grown mushrooms for longer with this ultimate guide for storing muchrooms. Read more

how to freeze mushrooms

How to Freeze Mushrooms: The Do’s and Dont’s

Mushrooms add a nice flavor to savory dishes, but sometimes getting fresh ones can be tough. Learn how to freeze mushrooms so you can enjoy them any time. Read more

how to make canned spaghetti sauce better

How to Make Canned Spaghetti Sauce Better: 7 Delicious Ideas

Canned sauces can be used to make a quick and easy dinner at the end of a long day. Learn how to make canned spaghetti sauce better with a few simple tricks. Read more