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how to freeze cilantro

How to Freeze Cilantro in 3 Easy Steps

Cilantro adds a burst of flavor as an ingredient or garnish. But what if you've got a lot of it and don't want it to go to waste? Here is how to freeze cilantro quickly. Read more

Watermelon rinds on a plate

4 Watermelon Rind Recipes & Surprising Benefits

Watermelon rind is healthy and tasty. Here are 4 creative recipes (including pickled watermelon rind!) to use leftovers and avoid food waste. Read more

can you freeze cucumbers

Can You Freeze Cucumbers? What You Should Know

If you have an abundance of cucumbers, fear not, the answer to can you freeze cucumbers is yes, you can. However, you may want to think about how you will use them once thawed, as they will change somewhat. Read more

how to freeze cauliflower

How to Freeze Cauliflower 2 Ways

Cauliflower is a wonderfully versatile food, but what to do if you have too much? We'll show you how to freeze cauliflower in two ways so that you can enjoy it at any time. Read more

what is crop rotation

What Exactly Is Crop Rotation? A Useful Definition & Examples

What is crop rotation and why is it important? We'll take a closer look at this ancient farming practice and how it impacts the environment. Read more

can you freeze peanut butter

Can You Freeze Peanut Butter? Avoid These 3 Mistakes

Can you freeze peanut butter as a preservation method? Learn what things to avoid in order to successfully freeze your leftover peanut butter. Read more

does oatmeal go bad

Does Oatmeal Go Bad? 3 Questions Answered

Some pantry staples seem to last forever. Does oatmeal go bad? Are there any differences per type of oatmeal? We'll answer these questions and fill you in on how to store your oatmeal to extend its shelf life! Read more

how to preserve pumpkins

How to Preserve Pumpkins & Enjoy Year-Round

Want to learn how to preserve pumpkins so that you can enjoy them all year round? Read on to find out two simple and natural methods to preserve this iconic fall fruit. Read more