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Netflix eco docs

2022’s Best Netflix Eco Docs

Have you seen this year's new science and nature documentaries? Check out these five new Netflix eco docs to learn something new and get excited about what the Earth has to offer. Read more

honey healthier than sugar

Is Honey Healthier Than Sugar?

Is honey healthier than sugar? Many think it is, though it depends on a few factors. Keep reading to learn more about this sweet and sticky favorite. Read more

hate watching

Why Hate Watching Feels Good But Can Be Harmful

Hate watching is when we view things just to deride them, and while it may make us smirk in the short term, are we drawing in negativity that may affect our well-being? Read more

how to stay awake without caffeine

How to Stay Awake Without Caffeine 10 Natural Ways

Do you want to give up coffee but don't know how? There are other ways to stay alert throughout the day. Here are 10 natural ways to stay awake without caffeine. Read more

Black snow

Black Snow: The Toxic Biproduct of Coal Mining That Is Coating Towns in Russia

Black snow is a relatively recently understood phenomenon. Unfortunately, it is caused by man-made climate change as much as it further contributes to climate change. Read more

vegan halloween candy

Halloween Candy and Brands To Avoid on a Vegan Diet

With Halloween right around the corner, what candy is safe for people who avoid animal products? Here is a straightforward guide to vegan Halloween candy in 2022. Read more

reuse balloons

Can You Reuse Balloons? Foil vs. Latex

If you have a special event coming up, you may be wondering if you can reuse balloons. We'll take a look at some of the best options that are environmentally friendly. Read more

eco friendly halloween

How To Celebrate Halloween 2022 More Eco-Friendly

In this article, we share our top 8 tips and tricks for a more sustainable and eco-friendly Halloween this year. Read more