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bad ingredients in skin care

13 Problematic Ingredients in Cosmetics

Most of us have no idea about the bad ingredients in skin care that harm us and the environment. Read on for which ingredients to avoid and which cosmetics are harm-free. Read more

Palm oil sustainable

Is Palm Oil Sustainable? Deforestation & Environmental Impact

Is sustainable palm oil production possible? We’ll look into what palm oil is, how it’s used, and the social and environmental impact that it has. Read more

Bisphenol S and Bisphenol F

Bisphenol S: How Harmful Is This BPA Substitute?

Bisphenol S and F are just two of several new substitutes for the highly toxic bisphenol A. Are similar compounds really the solution, or an equally harmful substitute? Read more

fair trade coffee

Fair Trade Coffee: 9 Brands to Start Your Day

In recent years, fair trade coffee has been gracing our shelves in ever-increasing numbers. But what are the fair trade coffee brands worth paying attention to? Let's find out. Read more

being vegan is not masculine

Why Eating Meat Is Considered Masculine & Being Vegan Isn’t

The myth that being vegan is not masculine has been around for ages. Find out the consequences of this gender stereotype and if it has a scientific foundation. Read more

Sustainable building materials.

What Are Sustainable Building Materials and Why Are They Important?

Sustainable building materials are a matter of urgency if we are to combat our current climate and environmental crises. Find out what they are and learn about a few examples. Read more

USDA Certified Organic

What Does the “USDA Certified Organic” Label Actually Mean?

What does it mean when products are listed as USDA Certified Organic? Let's take a closer look at the United States Department of Agriculture's organic certification. Read more

what does organic mean

What Does Organic Mean? Definition and Labels to Look Out For

The term gets thrown around a lot, but what does "organic" mean, exactly? We go past the misinterpretations and dive into what you can actually expect when buying organic. Read more