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Nature-based solutions

Nature-Based Solutions: A Sustainable Approach to Save the Planet

Nature-based solutions are helping countries to address the three major challenges of our time: climate change, protecting biodiversity and ensuring human wellbeing. Read more


Agrihoods: Is Sustainable Suburbia the Way Forward?

Agrihoods are not a new concept. Sustainable communities have existed since civilization began. Their popularity is on the rise as we fight to save our planet. Find out more. Read more

ecosia search engine

Is Ecosia Legit? The Truth About the Ecosia Search Engine

Ecosia, the search engine that claims to plant trees with every search, is quickly becoming a household name. Is it too good to be true, or will it change the world? Read more

animal testing

Animal Testing: How Big Is the Problem?

We know it's bad. But how much do we actually know about animal testing in the US? Is it a thing of the past, or does it continue to lurk behind our favorite products? Read more

fossil fuels examples

Everything You Need to Know About Fossil Fuels

You've definitely heard of fossil fuels and might already have strong opinions about them. But do you know the basics? Read on to find a simple explanation of fossil fuels. Read more

Variety and vegetables are part of the raw vegan menu.

Get Healthy with the Raw Vegan Diet: Benefits, Risks & Recipes

A plant-based raw vegan diet does wonders for your health and helps the planet, too. Learn about the benefits, risks and recipes! Read more

what are microplastics

Microplastics: New Studies a Cause of Concern

Scientists and public health researchers are scrambling to understand just how harmful microplastics are — not only for humans — but for the planet at large. Their findings are concerning. Read more

is sugar sustainable

A Deep Dive Into Sugar: Sustainability and Health Impact

Is sugar sustainable? Is sugar healthy or unhealthy, and is it vegan? Why are global authorities advising us to reduce our intake? What exactly is sugar anyway? Find out here. Read more