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difference between weather and climate

Why the Difference Between Weather and Climate Matters

Do you know the difference between climate weather and climate? Understanding the distinction is crucial for combatting climate change. Here's what you need to know. Read more

returning national parks to tribes

Should National Parks Be Returned to Native Tribes? A Critical View

Though the wrongs committed against Native American tribes can never be undone, returning national parks can contribute to reconciliation and to a more sustainable future. Read more

where does maple syrup come from

Where Does Maple Syrup Come From? The Process Explained

Do you know where maple syrup comes from? Learn about the process that brings us this all-natural sweetener and favorite pancake topping. Read more

what causes ocean acidification

What Causes Ocean Acidification? Can It Be Reversed?

Do you know what causes ocean acidification and if it can be reversed? Here's what you need to know about its impact on marine life and how it affects US waters. Read more

Performative Activism

Are You Guilty of Performative Activism?

Are you guilty of engaging in performative activism? Find out what a performative activist is and how to be a better ally without putting yourself front and center. Read more

Impact of climate crisis on kids.

The Unseen Impact of the Climate Crisis on Kids

The impact of the climate crisis on kids cannot be denied — and it's growing. Find out how their health, well-being and futures are under threat. Read more

intersectional environmentalism

Intersectional Environmentalism: Definition and Relevance

Is saving the planet intertwined with issues like race, gender and other inequalities? Intersectional environmentalism says yes. Read on to find out more about these connections. Read more

Microplastics in the oceans: sources

Microplastics in the Ocean: 7 Alarming Causes

Microplastics aren’t only found in exfoliating facial soaps and shower gels. Shocking numbers of everyday products contribute to the microplastic pollution of our oceans. Read more