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keystone pipeline myths and facts

The Keystone Pipeline: Myths and Facts of a Climate Disaster

Learn the myths and facts behind one of the most controversial infrastructure projects in history: the Keystone Pipeline. Read more

black plastic

What Makes Black Plastic an Environmental Nightmare?

Learn the truth about black plastic and how it can hurt your health and the environment. Find practical, eco-friendly alternatives to help you make smarter, greener choices. Read more

green hushing greenhushing

Green Hushing on the Rise: How Problematic Is This Greenwashing Twin?

Is green hushing the new — and harder to detect — greenwashing? What exactly does green hushing mean? How can we detect it? And what can we do about it? Read more

Types of forest

3 Types of Forests Around the World: From Arctic to Tropics

Exploring different types of forests will help us understand the most vital ecosystems on our planet that are essential in fighting the climate crisis. Read more

where does quinoa come from

The Truth About Quinoa: Is This Superfood Sustainable?

Where does quinoa come from? This ancient crop is popular for its protein and nutrients, but is quinoa production sustainable? Read more

where does chocolate come from

Where Does Chocolate Come From? Origins Explained

Where does chocolate come from, and why does it matter? From a sacred Mayan food to a global commodity, discover the history of chocolate — a treat once worth its weight in gold! Read more

climate change hoax

The Great Climate Change Hoax? How to Fight Climate Denial

Climate change denial and belief in the "climate change hoax" pose a serious threat to environmental protection. Here's how to stand up to climate change deniers. Read more

resource depletion

What Is Resource Depletion and Why Is It Dangerous?

Resource depletion is becoming a common term — and that's not a good thing. Discover what it is and some potential solutions. Read more