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where does trash go

Where Does Your Trash Go? The Ugly Truth

Where does trash go? The answer is more complicated than you think. Learn more about where garbage ends up and the environmental implications. Read more

How does fracking work?

How Does Fracking Work? Legality, Financial and Environmental Concerns

How does fracking work and why is it controversial? Will it help to end the energy crisis or will it help to end the world? Find out by reading more. Read more


Ecocide: Meaning, Examples and Solutions

Here we bring together a definition of ecocide and its effect in the US. We'll examine the ramifications, underlying issues, and proposed solutions to this problem. Read more


Veganuary for Beginners

Do you have what it takes to complete the 31-Day Veganuary Challenge? Find out what it is, why it exists and how taking the challenge can benefit you. Read more


Hormesis: How You Can Experience Healthy Stressors

Can we treat our current pandemic of chronic stress with the same principles that initiate the stress response? Studies investigating hormesis say yes. Let's take a look. Read more

What is a hurricane?

What Is a Hurricane, Exactly? The Basics Explained

They seem more relevant every day — but just what is a hurricane? Read on for the best hurricane definition and how they're affected by climate change. Read more

is vanilla extract vegan

Is Vanilla Extract Vegan — And Is It Sustainable?

Vanilla is a common ingredient in baking, but is vanilla extract vegan? We'll explore how this popular product is made and if it's safe for vegan baking. Read more


What Exactly Happened at COP27?

Want to catch up on COP27 negotiations? Here's a quick summary of what COP27 is, who was involved, and what we can take away from it as we take urgent climate action. Read more