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environmental organizations

Environmental Organizations: 8 Top Non-profits & NGOs Worth Supporting

Here are the most reliable environmental organizations, non-profits and top NGOs worth supporting in the fight against climate change. Read more

Misty Forest

How Is a Forest Defined? Describing These Vital Ecosystems

What is a forest, and why are they so important? Our guide covers the key features that make these habitats unique. Read more

Fast Fashion

Care About the Planet? Ask These 3 Questions Before Buying Fast Fashion

Fast fashion may seem like a good deal, but it has hidden costs for you and the planet. These three questions will help you make sustainable choices. Read more

Blue ocean water and fish swimming around plastic trash

Drowning in Plastic: Ocean Pollution & How to Stop It

From microplastics to ghost nets, plastic is choking our oceans and marine life. Learn how to take action now against ocean pollution now. Read more

How to be more sustainable tips and tricks

6 Easy Ways to be More Sustainable: Tips for Beginners

Ready to live a greener lifestyle? Learn how to be more sustainable and reduce your environmental footprint with 6 beginner-friendly steps. Read more

A young woman with a brown bob sips coffee from a white porcelain mug

Why Drink Fair Trade Coffee? Separating Fact From Fiction

There is a lot of misinformation about fair trade coffee, so let's differentiate truth from myth and check out a few great brands. Read more

Digital detox break your tech addiction

How a Digital Detox Can Cure Your Technology Addiction

All day long, our smartphones, laptops and tablets are turned on. But when is it too much, and how can a digital detox help? Read more

Afforestation meaning

What Does Afforestation Mean and Why Is It Important?

Knowing the meaning of afforestation is an important part of the debate around environmental conservation. Here is the importance of afforestation and its definition. Read more